Because freedom only comes to those who understand it…and knowlege to those who listen. Nous Sommes Charlie….Nous charlie hebdo.

End of End of Fear Project: a victim speaks ff:... (continue reading...)

ACVX product tips and information

ACVX product tips and information Content coming... (continue reading...)

Christmas Day Flight

Christmas Day Flight It's been exactly one year since Flight Flash has taken to the sky on a snowy Christmas day, in a small town somewhere in South Dakota. Please visit the Ebay Store by clicking this link... (continue reading...)

“Shipwreck Stew” Now Live On Kickstarter

“Shipwreck Stew” Now Live On Kickstarter Shipwreck Stew is a collection of true stories written by Steven Sohlstrom. It chronicles his recent adventures sailing and will be avaliable soon in paperback. Click to check it out! PRESS TITLE:  Shipwreck Stew: stories of a novice sailor from Minnesota AUTHOR: Steven Sohlstrom, 2015 LOCAL TIE: Steven Sohlstrom is a local filmmaker, sailor, and aerial photographer from St.Cloud, Mn.... (continue reading...)

Prints Now Available On Ebay

Prints Now Available On Ebay Flight Flash - St. Cloud's original radio pilot news service is preparing to resume flying in the future. Until then, please support our system upgrades with the purchase of a print from our vast, beautiful and historic archive. Purchase is available on Ebay or in Downtown St. Cloud at Paper Collector Gallery. Request any photo you see on the website! Thanks, Steve..... Ebay Link for Flight... (continue reading...)

Happy Independence Day…News From Flight Flash Coming Soon…

Happy Independence Day…News From Flight Flash Coming Soon…  Flight Flash is making plans to integrate with photographic sailing expeditions coming... (continue reading...)

Memorial Day Explosion At Sartell Paper Mill

Memorial Day Explosion At Sartell Paper Mill On May 28, an explosion at the Verso paper mill in Sartell, Minnesota claimed one life, injured five others, and resulted in the biggest fire in Sartell's history.  The blast concusion was experienced by many around town, and it was reported that the thick black smoke was visible from as far away as Foley. Crystal Blunt captured this image less than half an hour after the initial blast, and the fire continued to burn for the following two days. The following images where captured as smoke... (continue reading...)

Melting Mississippi

Melting Mississippi Patches of open water were widening on the river today as temperatures in St.Cloud went into the high 50's. View a shot overlooking the city as seen on WJON.... (continue reading...)

Balmy January Skies

Balmy January Skies     I sent the plane up for a low-res trip above the ranch neighborhood last weekend. This is the centrecam aircraft with the camera looking down and backwards today. Although it can mount on skis, it's still currently on wheel landing gear. In this configuration the propellor is very low to the ground and you can hear it sucking a few small rocks into the propellor and launching at least one of them right through the tailfin. The river in view is the Missippi. It was around 18... (continue reading...)

From Ice To The Sky: A Study Of The Frozen Mississippi

From Ice To The Sky: A Study Of The Frozen Mississippi [caption id="attachment_2013" align="aligncenter" width="922" caption="The river ice from an 80 foot altitude. (Hot food after a chilly flight, click on this photo to reveal and support a great downtown restaurant)"][/caption]   [caption id="attachment_2014" align="aligncenter" width="922" caption="The ice again from 20 feet overhead."][/caption] [youtube UgLtdq63xy0]           After several days of temperatures well below freezing, the Mississippi River has frozen over in St.Cloud.... (continue reading...)