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From Unicorns and Aliens to Mental Health Counseling: A Convenience Couple’s Journey Of Self Manipulation.

In the news today on >>> Recently posted to Youtube: Storm chasing the Waite Park Gustnado, 2008 >>> disclaimers in the United States would have required them to say. Diego even claims his relationship with Jessica was born of stark criticism for her ridiculous and harmful teachings. Apparently, he quickly saw the money making potential of her existing scam, threw personal integrity into the wind, and adopted his own transformation to the narcissistic but illiterate guru that we grew to love as the “motorcycle jumpstart” mystic.   For some reason, Jessica’s presentation of Diego as an alien God- (with great conceptual art to help the “gullibles” visualize his impossible transformation) -didn’t seem to make enough immediate cash. Word around the campfire is that Jessica’s new creation was driving down her customer satisfaction metric, fan base, and increasing cost of acquisition for new clients that they apparently refer to as “stupids”.   Fortunately for Jessica and Diego, the best/worst thing to ever happen to them was about to come to their rescue. A girl, known to some as Suzie Q, was helping them to crystalize a new business model that was based on her own recent experience and personal exploitation in the midst of seeking answers and psychological counseling. Bingo…they could shift gears again and even appear to the untrained eye to go legit. Their work was cut out for them. Before they could peddle a cure, they had to be able to convince their new clients that they are sick in the head. Do YOU have a healthy relationship with YOUR mind?   In its present incarnation, their rebranding trends on the dangerous as they vend their enticing “subscription packages” as a form of psychological counselling and/or deprogramming from the human experience. It appears that to be raised on planet Earth with a diverse range of culture and beliefs, must somehow be wrong, and is entirely offensive to Diego’s intelligence. Thankfully, for a fee, he and Jessica can make your mind right again. This is evident in their menagerie of some admittedly mentally ill clients who are very irresponsibly (and maybe illegally) claiming to have been helped or healed by the EOF.   In the marketing process of attracting more flys into the web, testimonials of clients claim to have had some burden lifted from them that clearly justifies Jessica and Diego’s vacation expenses. If one reads carefully into the website’s illiterate¬†wording,¬† this burden is apparently the integrity of their evolved instincts, emotions, beliefs, human nature…and even the natural fear evolved to protect themselves from the wolves, predators and opportunists they may encounter in life. Let’s take the EOF for example and the people on the periphery of their circle waiting to take advantage of the vulnerable human wreckage in Jessica and Diego’s wake. Diego’s patients should be ashamed to admit that they are suckers and ought to be paid to offer such endorsements, not for being legitimately duped, but for sacrificing their own dignity and credibility for the … Continue reading

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