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Yes, you found the message. Good job 🙂

I’ll try to keep this simple. We can do anything under the sun from errands, to your favorite restaurant or anything you can think of. I have taxi and all expenses covered for the day and if anyone has issue than we simply keep it on the DL which I absolutely support and highly recommend until you have the information that I must get to you. This needs only be a ONE TIME thing. It is information only to empower you and it is absolutely vital it is shared. We can decide that day that there is no additional business to cover and we move on. I can’t help but believe that this can be a very happy and non-stressful day for you…

It is more than just about the $6,000 still on the table… which would have ended your 13 month situation immediately and for good. That alone is worth a converstation.

Hmmm…Star Wars (remember you didn’t like Pacific Rim at first either…) and for me to ask anyone to go is unprecedented.  The last Star Wars movie I went to was “The Empire Strikes Back” in 1997 at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. I have turned down any and all requests from friends and family to see any of the new Star Wars movies for over two decades. This would certainly be a special occasion. Whether or not we go to the movie, it is encouraged that we have this meeting asap. People will try to stop you. That goes without saying. You becoming un-homeless would be a huge blow to some people and that is very real.

Pete’s Place is just a few doors down if you don’t want to make a production of it. Sawatdee is a few blocks away. This is not a date… and not saying I wouldn’t have ever considered dating you. Neither of us was single. I think that I was intending to make your care, comfort and happiness my priority in life…indefinitely, well…that’s not a normal guy thing to give that much…and be intelligent to boot. I was very selfish, you gave me purpose.

I told you about the book. I’ve been planning to write it long before I met you. It doesn’t just cover the horrific events of the last three years of my life, it will also include highlights and accomplishments of which there are many. It will be instrongly opinionated, suspenseful and philosophical. I change names of course.

The journey we experienced together is incredibly important to the narrative…it was a very intense and dangerous struggle for justice and redemption. It is where a light clearly shows in the fight for life. It is perhaps the greatest thing I have ever done for anyone in my life, and for perhaps the most courageous and faithful person I have been so proud to know. There remains an incredible amount to this story you seem to have never awakened to…and that has kept you in extreme and ongoing jeopardy. There are uncanny ironies and parallels. We are both undoubtedly very in touch with our faith, and I’ve never sensed a more wicked spiritual attack than we are both experiencing…far more intense than the eof…and all “hidden” in plain sight from the beginning. I published the first article of your story while you still owned your car and I had enough money to retrieve it. I know exactly why and that is only the beginning of a story which keeps repeating itself on and on. I know you very well, and I understand very clearly what is happening.


You know who has been stalking me from overseas more than ever. Is someone maybe a little jeolous of you? My New Years’s resolution is to tell more people to “F-off” more often. I am finally growing up.

It is nothing but a miracle that things are happening as they are. We have an opportunity to set things right before moving on. Never underestimate how well I know you…and it still goes that when I sense you hurting, I hurt too. Happy endings in books correspond directly to happy endings in life. Thematicly, it all works the same.

Please review if there is something you dont understand. If there is anything I think of later, maybe ill update it. This can be your secret page.

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