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Municipal Athletic Complex Flight In St.Cloud

    A special thank you to Brian at Veteran’s Golf Course for access to do the flight…

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Heat Lightning After May Thunderstorm

[youtube k2LGGbMNM1I] Sponsored by  This is video of heat lightning from a thunderstorm as it left the St.Cloud area on a line to Hinkley Mn on May 10, 2011. The storms on this line of severe weather spawned a small tornado touchdown in the St.Michael/Albertville area, and large hail that interrupted a Twins game, even prompting the new stadium to review storm warning protocol. The game spectators were not informed that they were in a tornado warning. The decision at the time was apparently to avoid panic in the stadium as the weather was not at an intensity to warrant evacuation. Flight Flash and the Radio Pilot News Service documents news and activity from the air and through the lense that concern aviation news, and breaking news events captured from the air, including extreme weather study from the air and ground. [youtube cm29V0c9gog] This is a reduced speed renditionof the lightning bolt that struck the Eastside of St.Cloud at 7:21pm during the storm as recorded by Flight Flash and reported by during their comprehensive storm coverage.

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