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Municipal Athletic Complex Flight In St.Cloud

  “Jessica Schab XXXXXXXXXXXX text redacted XXXXXXXXXXXXXX” As far as research goes…I LIVED it. I believe every word I said and have still never heard any other side to the story. That could only come from Melissa who is not permitted by the eof to speak to me….for obvious reasons…no excuse for it either unless  Melissa is trying to destroy the EOF from the inside allowing our film to run and more and more of our story to be coming out… The film is  written by the mind of a journalist, and no one in the EOF has answered my request to discuss it àlthough I have requested often and even expressed empathy for Jessica and her personal struggles. Instead they seem to relish in propogating harm to people. Melissa was even given editorial empowerment over the film. This is some sort of abusive game to the EOF, but the film is absolutely real…including the physical abuse I suffered that I do my best not to talk about to shield her from blame. I try not to blame her and believe her innocent and grossly lied to and manipulated. I know her very well and I don’t believe she is OK. They have her running in circles trying to defend them until she runs out of money and they don’t give a shit. You see what eventually happens to people who wake up and want out. They’ve already attacked Melissa before and look what they did to Janaki and Deb. THE PROOF: they refuse to allow us to speak and end our relationship. It either will be allowed or not. There is no in between, and no end to my fight for her dignity and personal empowerment for her to know what really happened, and not the continual lies. Don’t believe any excuse as to why this has not been allowed. Perhaps it is because it is not what she even wants. She has lost nearly everything working with the EOF to bury the truth and time is running out. She may still believe they are actually her friends. If you read my blog post, you will see Melissa’s own words. Jessica is afraid to empower her. Melissa has been invited to attend a live-broadcast. Wouldn’t it be perfect and empowering to hear her kick Steve’s ass on air and forever be done with this charade of lies! They are afraid. The EOF is any day of the week a scam, but they added additionally to their legally definable cult status with Melissa’s sexual exploitation at the hand of Jessica, Diego, and Steve Andrews with the arranged marriage that they pressured, or threatened, her into for what also amounts to visa fraud. Would YOU have gone into this marriage with a few weeks to prepare and jeopardized your one true love relationship that hadn’t even been ended? There you go…This scam backfired and hurt Melissa emotionally. Read her own account which she published herself. After the Verzy scheme, it is … Continue reading

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Heat Lightning After May Thunderstorm

[youtube k2LGGbMNM1I] Sponsored by m This is video of heat lightning from a thunderstorm as it left the St.Cloud area on a line to Hinkley Mn on May 10, 2011. The storms on this line of severe weather spawned a small tornado touchdown in the St.Michael/Albertville area, and large hail that interrupted a Twins game, even prompting the new stadium to review storm warning protocol. The game spectators were not informed that they were in a tornado warning. The decision at the time was apparently to avoid panic in the stadium as the weather was not at an intensity to warrant evacuation. Flight Flash and the Radio Pilot News Service documents news and activity from the air and through the lense that concern aviation news, and breaking news events captured from the air, including extreme weather study from the air and ground. [youtube cm29V0c9gog] This is a reduced speed renditionof the lightning bolt that struck the Eastside of St.Cloud at 7:21pm during the storm as recorded by Flight Flash and reported by during their comprehensive storm coverage. Hi Diego. Are you beginning to see the logic now? The documentary is reaching further and further and taking on a life of its own. Does it make sense to talk about this now, or only after its too late to unring the bell? Do you also realize my fiance has had editorial empowerment over the film but she has not disputed the facts therein or asked me to make any changes? What’s up with that? Afterall, she did write after being detained at the border that she was finally having doubts about the harm you were bringing to her life. Who is playing who? INTERESTINGLY….the same day after writing this someone described your treatment of her as if you “owned her” and she did even try to get away. Thatta girl honey! It is very ironic that your relentless attempts to destroy our unbreakable love only draw more attention back to your own crimes. I am looked at as a hero by people who know the true story. Women swoon to hear it. We have made a legendary love story that will endure. Suprised? If so you suffer from something around here we call drinking your own coolaid. You are part of the dillusionati. My fiance can tell you I am the most loving and compassionate man she’s ever known, hence the precious terms of endearment she had for me, but for you, until she has her freedom again…and you prove it to me, this isn’t an occassion for “nice”. What was your critical mistake in lighting this fire? You had no business trying to dictate her life and demand of her who she could and couldn’t love. You never gave her a choice. I got in the way of you stealing from her. Trust me, that wasn’t very well hidden.  You broke her heart and rattled her sanity with lies. You encouraged her to act out in violence that shamed … Continue reading

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