Municipal Athletic Complex Flight In St.Cloud


“Jessica Schab XXXXXXXXXXXX text redacted XXXXXXXXXXXXXX”

As far as research goes…I LIVED it. I believe every word I said and have still never heard any other side to the story. That could only come from Melissa who is not permitted by the eof to speak to me….for obvious reasons…no excuse for it either unless  Melissa is trying to destroy the EOF from the inside allowing our film to run and more and more of our story to be coming out… The film is  written by the mind of a journalist, and no one in the EOF has answered my request to discuss it àlthough I have requested often and even expressed empathy for Jessica and her personal struggles. Instead they seem to relish in propogating harm to people. Melissa was even given editorial empowerment over the film. This is some sort of abusive game to the EOF, but the film is absolutely real…including the physical abuse I suffered that I do my best not to talk about to shield her from blame. I try not to blame her and believe her innocent and grossly lied to and manipulated. I know her very well and I don’t believe she is OK. They have her running in circles trying to defend them until she runs out of money and they don’t give a shit. You see what eventually happens to people who wake up and want out. They’ve already attacked Melissa before and look what they did to Janaki and Deb.

THE PROOF: they refuse to allow us to speak and end our relationship. It either will be allowed or not. There is no in between, and no end to my fight for her dignity and personal empowerment for her to know what really happened, and not the continual lies. Don’t believe any excuse as to why this has not been allowed. Perhaps it is because it is not what she even wants. She has lost nearly everything working with the EOF to bury the truth and time is running out. She may still believe they are actually her friends. If you read my blog post, you will see Melissa’s own words. Jessica is afraid to empower her. Melissa has been invited to attend a live-broadcast. Wouldn’t it be perfect and empowering to hear her kick Steve’s ass on air and forever be done with this charade of lies! They are afraid.

The EOF is any day of the week a scam, but they added additionally to their legally definable cult status with Melissa’s sexual exploitation at the hand of Jessica, Diego, and Steve Andrews with the arranged marriage that they pressured, or threatened, her into for what also amounts to visa fraud. Would YOU have gone into this marriage with a few weeks to prepare and jeopardized your one true love relationship that hadn’t even been ended? There you go…This scam backfired and hurt Melissa emotionally. Read her own account which she published herself. After the Verzy scheme, it is very clear they knew they had their “Patsy”. It is sick for them to take advantage of her like this because she doesn’t have the same emotional defenses you and I might take for granted. That is why I fight in her defense and have never abandoned her. That’s why many also view me as a hero in the face of the EOF’s grand cowardice. This isn’t even about if Melissa and I are ever going to be together again.

Don’t endorse their lies, slander and abuse please. It makes me gag just writing about it. Their actions since we were even together warrant another documentary.

I encourage my blog post to be read and people surrounding the EOF to wake up and realize that Melissa is an exploited person…that is never going to be OK. Jessica knows how to bring calm to this storm but she refuses to. I have spent a share of my time in a sincere effort to befriend her. I Have strong doubts she can ever even be trusted but it was a good and courageous effort to try at least.

As you see in the film, we knew how much damage she had just suffered and that a hurricane was coming. If you listen to the broadcasts, you also know that Melissa didn’t want this in her life anymore. She is sadly very susceptible to their tricks and they have blown probably her entire retirement fund which her parents told me she was even reluctant to touch. If you ever saw ” It’s All About the Cult”, well, I was trying to warn her this would happen. I bet she wishes now that she would have listened.

These words were sent to me by someone out in the world and I thought it not just fit to respond, but also point out that some of the people seem to be mocking exploitation of innocent people and are not noticing their own willingness to accept blatant lies to find their own acceptance. That said, what portion of Jessica’s rent are you paying for? Does this friendship you’ve paid for come with a return policy? Ask my dear sweet fiance Melissa.

Listen to our next broadcast…on Sacred Radio…it promises to be very interesting!

This is a private a legally privileged message intended for sole recipient.

A special thank you to Brian at Veteran’s Golf Course for access to do the flight…

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