Chasing Rainfall

March, 2016


Hi my name is Steven Sohlstrom and I writing this to address a group (identity of which is not known to me) that took interest in the ongoing saga between myself and the end of fear organization. Apparently, a debate was sparked by the film which I made to expose what Jessica and Diego did to Melissa and I. A healthy debate is always a good thing when arriving at an objective opinion when sorting out the truth. As a person with a journalism and news background, I both respect and encourage such debate. I am unaware of the identity of this group and blind to any ongoing discussion. I can be contacted directly. I stand behind the film I made.

Unfortunately, the rebuttal to my film is not a private apology by the eof, or acceptance of accountability, but a very public smear campaign. Going beyond that, lives are being hurt, reputations damaged, and finances obliterated in the continuing “puppetry” that continues to distract from an ever expanding crime of exploitation. My wish to the sympathisers of the EOF is to demand that it stop. My film is real, I stand behind it and I also stand against the continuing victimization of Melissa who will be fortunate if she even has enough money left to find her way back to the United States, or ever even to get word that she is still loved and supported back home. The most important factor is always Melissa’s safety.

In the midst of this, I am thankful for the great amount of empathy expressed for our story, as well as the public affirmation that the eof has a definite pattern in the human wreckage they leave behind. I know this from close insiders and even Jessica’s ex. However, I am also concerned that in many instances, the smear campaign deflects from the very simple fact that our story is real, and can never be excused by a campaign to “embarrass” the victims involved. Melissa and I were very greatly effected by the trauma of physical and emotional abuse that was imposed on us by Jessica and Diego. I have volunteered a lot of very personal and painful information which the public was never entitled to know. I have stated that the events which have harmed me not only happened well after the EOF assumed full and direct control of Melissa’s life, but that each instance was directly related to specific and vicious attacks that were made to deflect my efforts to empower her safe return. It has been a very ugly and costly battle. It has been fought in the name of unconditional love and human value.


The insidious accusations they made in an effort to silence me were completely dismissed in the court of law, and I emerged an advocate for victims of domestic abuse. My deliberate mischaracterization by the EOF is incredibly hypocritical and shameful in a world where victims of domestic violence are very real and the crime no laughing matter. It is very well known to everyone in our families that I was a victim of repeated and increasing domestic abuse. Melissa is forgiven unconditionally and is not to blame as the lies and secrets Jessica and Diego were force-feeding her weekly completely overwhelmed her emotionally. She could never explain to me what was happening to her because Jessica and Diego demanded secrecy. She was sucked into a myth that I can’t help but suspect they still trap her in today by anger and guilt…it is crucial that she understands she is not to blame. The very idea that it is impossible for her to come back is an easy sell…but that is a terrible and abusive lie. I still love you dear. I could not have possibly abandoned you knowing what I knew.

It might be an obvious mistep by the EOF that she is exploited in this regard as a weapon to deter the truth and it is a huge betrayal to Melissa on their behalf. If you are reading this you may be very well aware of her full identity. Jessica and Diego are notorious for giving the worst imaginable advice….they are not thinking of her, they are thinking of themselves and their pocketbooks.

One of the main contributors to the insanity to our story is the absence of dialogue between Melissa and I. For better or worse, that is a major contributor to how this story has continued. Information is power. You cannot control a person without control their freedom to communicate. That’s brainwashing 101. There are a lot of theories that might explain how/why this has occurred, but they simply aren’t answerable until Melissa and I eventually communicate. There is a game at foot that the EOF can simply manipulate Melissa to refute our story. (Ironically because of this one way flow of lies from multiple sources, Melissa couldn’t possibly even know that she is reinforcing a completely  false narrative and her own disempowerment. She has become the “pawn of choice” in many different occasions and it is demeaning.  I’m not even certain if this trauma has become real in her mind or no or weather it will leave an insurmountable scar. To the public who are rightly incensed by the ugly truth that our abuse was motivated mostly by greed, there will never be justification for how she was taken advantage of or how my life was harmed in the process. The only way to rebuild as victims is to bravely tell or story and LOUDLY at that! There are others that may wonder whether or not she has ever been released from their emotional control. Content in her life at the moment or not, it doesn’t justify her exploitation, and the script may quickly flip when she suddenly runs out of money or becomes aware and conscious of their deliberate betrayal. (Update: This prediction proved quite accurate in 2/2018) This story may be far from over but hopefully she comes home soon.

For those of you who appreciate the love story and the show of undaunted support of Melissa, particularly in the situation of being unable to assess her safety, and all of the sacrifice involved, a true hero has emerged as a result of their ugly and sophomoric attacks. Sorry if that hurts a little Diego, but heroes are born of action, the choices they make, and the sacrifice and persecution they endure without compromise. She told me that “I was her Jack”…and that proved an accurate prediction as  well but I would have preferred the  Icy Atlantic over what I ended up facing….I never invited Diego to be a part of my life story. Melissa could have warned him that he was dealing with a very principled, accomplished, and tenacious person. She certainly tried very hard to warn him that we were unbreakably in love and he refused to respect that. As stated in the film…it became about submission. They became relentless. She could have also warned him that we both agreed that there was something very uncommon and serendipitous about our love. We were a perfect pairing in every way we could think of…perfect balance…selfless and complete in our commitment to one another. A perfectly reinforcing relationship with little to no disagreement for what we wanted together for out futures. We never bored of one another’s company and there was never mistrust of insecurity…(at least before the EOF became the “third partner”  in the relationship as  she warned me of that potential problem) We laughed and held each other continually. We each gave continually and wholeheartedly to one another and we understood one another. The lies and the myths the eof still use to string her along to her doom could never possibly change that.

Melissa has done so much damage to the EOF by promoting our story I am apt to be quiet and just let her do her thing. Maybe it is her revenge for what they have done.  …well dear, empower yourself but be careful. Take any opportunity you can to get away. Don’t fall into the hands of other predators who may be waiting to take advantage of you again. Don’t play yourself as a victim. Be proud and strong if you can say you are a survivor.

I can’t help but have confidence in the public’s ability to spot a clear motive by the eof to bury the truth and twist a trail of deception until there becomes an end to her usefulness. I appeal to the public sensibility to help everyone find a satisfactory resolution with the respect for Melissa’s well being and safety. I encourage the public to not tolerate her further abuse and give her unconditional support and encouragement to come home. Do not buy into the charade. Ask questions, demand answers…and the truth.

How do we move forward? That was only ever for Melissa and Steven to decide together. Not Jessica and Diego.

Steven Sohlstrom

(Mielcita – si eso leas, llamame tan pronto como possible 8/17/17)


The great lie that our relationship was abusive was ever only a hipocritical outrage.

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     I hoped that the combination of heavy rain and a break in the clouds would result in an incredible rainbow today so I scrambled the airplane to Whitney Field. Unfortunately, the rainbow never materialized. The weather turned hot, muggy and hazy today, and later, I spent an hour of flying at the amazing Boomerville Lodge.

A special thanks to everyone who came to Paper Collector Gallery for the Sizzling Summer Art Crawl, The St.Cloud Times, Star Tribune, and the new businesses and people supporting the effort to make aerial photography more affordable and accessible in Minnesota.


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