Listen, I am very sorry that things seem to have taken a turn for the worse again but let me explain in short form what is going on:

We made peace. We disappeared. It was time to heal. I was so excited and approaching happiness finally after 5 years of hell.

Diego caught on and forced our hand. THIS IS ABOUT THE VIDEO. I tried to be nice about it, but what good has it done if you take it down and he puts it back up? This is NOT over until it is finally over.

At the start of this nightmare, it was 90% about our relationship and 10% about the violence and defamation. That changed last year when I watched the video for the first time. It instantly reversed to 10% about our relationship and 90% about the violence and defamation.

Melissa, I have tried extremely hard to save what I could of our extremely important story while dodging your attacks/ sabotage / hacking / secret coordinated conspiracies. I have to live in complete fear of what you will do next. The stress I am forced to live with because of your denial is very bad for my health and ability to live life.  We have only made progress to end all of this by communicating and coordinating. I have given you options, a full range of choices, freedom to resolve our situation in a variety of ways. You ALWAYS come to the conclusion that my ideas are good. You had the situation under control and contained. You don’t have anything to gain by our artificial “fight” being dragged back into the open. Remember- I have been on YOUR side.

Listen carefully – THAT VIDEO CAN’T EXIST WITHOUT A FULL ON LEGAL ATTACK OR COUNTER MEDIA…PERIOD. I literally spent 6 months last year trying to contain in words why without having it come off as threat. Regarding lawsuits against each other…the purpose of the book was to AVOID that. Anyway, I have a distinct advantage by telling the truth in the interest of doing good….which ISN’T defamation. Your side promoted outright lies specifically to smear and do harm…which IS defamation. I have a reputation, valuable brands, and free speech to defend. You continually complain of inconvenience. Get a perspective. You had choices to make, and you made them. (Sorry if this comes off as mean…strong words for a very serious situation)

During this experience I coined a phrase; “conspiracy of emotional terrorism”.  The video fits exactly into this idea. It is not the same as “harrasment” by quietly daily receiving supportive and encouraging words from a fiance who was led to believe you were the “emotional captive” of an overseas cult – and ultimately proven exactly right…it is malicious defamation literally set free and out of control. It is being daily violated by a video smear with horrific, untrue and life destroying accusations, it is the defacto harassment for weekly checking to see if there is an arrest warrant issued for you, it is not allowing people into your life through social media because it is an established point for sabotage. Revealing publicly where I work is completely out of the question. It is having social media and crowdfunding accounts be met with sabotage and censorship. It is the incomprehensible nightmare of those acts being perpetrated by a loved one on behalf of criminal frauds. It is having the nightmare of this emotional terrorism spilling into my personal life and perpetrated by local menaces, bullies, and violent criminals. It’s not knowing when and where they will strike next and having to suspect your life and your families life is always in danger. It’s having to monitor your enemies’ whereabouts and activities for security purposes. You threatened to destroy my yet u fulfilled life dream of travel with your reckless and false allegations.

We even talked about those videos a few weeks ago and you said they were OK.

Melissa and I are able to laugh about all of this over the phone…laughter because it finally seemed to be over…but it has the potential to go on forever until it ends to both of our satisfaction.

I have tried to make this point as very gently as possible. Do you blame me if things get a little weird and confusing when you make it practically impossible to explain the very obvious? Do you really think it’s better when Diego and Jessica can see us “arguing” instead of standing in defiance of the damage they have done to both of our lives?

When you shot down my very forceful counter attack to confront Diego about the stolen video…I didn’t have to accept that. You are FULLY involved because the words came out of your mouth. My respecting your wish was only a gesture of hope that we might continue to build trust. The alternative to a counter attack is either lawsuits, blog wars, or that we have each other’s backs. What is the right choice? It is pretty obvious to me.

I try to appeal to your human dignity and the Melissa who is deep inside of some mysterious shell. I always try to weather the hostility to get to the person who is my friend, the person who never wants to hang up the phone once we are finally talking and sharing our painful story.

I understand your position, but is just not really possible until we actually put out the fires. I have no right to demand that of you, so I try to be nice instead, knowing that you might eventually see for yourself what must be done.

There was a point this year when we had some fluctuation of the 90/10 and an opportunity to redefine what this was ever about. Have you escaped a cult, or are just blaming Diego?  In that time and opportunity we should have accomplished what needed to be done. If this is only a horror story that seems to have a positive ending, and then the surprise final shot is the jumping back to life of the monster…so be it. But that is NOT how it ends with me. I’ll never tolerate a “win” by the cult or the appearance of a victory in having destroyed my life, or BOTH of our lives.

You did an EXTREMELY bad thing when (you?) attacked my YouTube channel last week. Maybe you snapped and regret it now, but the result was as always, real and final. You demonstrated just how vulnerable to censorship and obstruction the First Amendment is in the monopolized internet of the moment. I am not unconvinced that what occurred was a criminal act because it is utterly inconceivable that it that easy to have the first amendment violated on You Tube. If You Tube applies the same standard without discrimination, that means virtually no uploaded video is safe any more, let alone a documentary which exposes the criminal exploitations of a cult. The choice to remove the videos you did was obstruction and serves the cult agenda which was was always to destroy our relationship, and now to erase the very existence of our relationship. All of this is extremely bad news and another reason to rise up and resist the sabotage and smear, because it has now risen to a very dangerous level: Censorship which silences victims.

For you, it is a very important moment to clarify to me just who’s side you are on.

When it was obviously time to form a unified front, you instead attacked me which undermined your own credibility. When it was time to defeat the vicious and defamatory cult video, you instead attacked our own harmless videos. You  didn’t only violate me by doing that,  you erased the last image that your grandmother had of you that left a sense of pride in her. You erased the final images of you and dear Simba together. It was not only an attack on my identity, you erased some of the best moments of your own identity. What did that accomplish? I am NOT the enemy…I NEVER WAS. The following are my very strong suggestions of the official policies and positions you should adopt to help bring this nightmare to an end. Draw your line in the sand and hold your ground. “And anywhere and every where she would go, it would be continually echoed back to her that we had an abusive relationship…” I knew that the second the words rolled out of your mouth. That’s exactly how they destroyed us. It’s time to finally tell the truth and stop this control over your life which actually continually endangers me. Zero tolerance…

We are not now, nor have ever been in opposition. That is a mental illusion solely devised by Jessica and Diego to intentionally and ruthlessly drive us apart. Today, it is what it is. We are making every effort not to quarrel now over an idea that was a fiction from the start. It was NOT our fault.

It is your responsibility to end the lies that cause people to continue their attacks on me on your behalf. I can’t do it other than by posting these blogs. You need to DRAW THIS LINE IN THE SAND. I was never your enemy. In fact most people know that I was your biggest supporter throughout all of this. Your return home should have been an empowering moment for you.

We need to stand united in defiance against the cult, whoever they may be. There are more enemies that you may not even be aware of. Anyone who violated or continues to violate our constitutional rights on behalf of ANYONE connected with the cult is possibly committing a crime. I WANT to have your back…not throw you under the bus. This is all VERY serious and complicated. I tried very hard to warn you and advise you of this. I encouraged you to ask questions. That would have made a very brief conversation because with your listening cap on, I could have gotten right to the point.

You mostly followed my narrative concerning the cult but you did deviate on certain key points that ultimately virtually destroyed your credibility. You painted yourself as an accomplice, and not a victim. I know that it is more complicated than that. By communicating we fulfilled what should have been the ending to our story….and that is deciding the fate of our relationship on our own terms…and not Jessica or Diego’s demands. Did we really rewind all of that? For what? Who?

This is partly why I have to view Bangkok Filly as a threat. Where does he fit into the picture in all of this? The only thing he has to do with our story is he somehow is preventing it from ending peacefully…and I really don’t think he has any business to interfere…especially knowing that his intentions do not appear to be sincere. Are you hosting his visa hunting expedition? If I am wrong to consider him a threat, you may want to convince me otherwise. Because I am conscious of his stance on domestic violence (all for it) and his tendency to be emotionally abusive, I am concerned of the level of your emotional entrapment. Can you safely get away from him if it comes to that?

Again, we had a silent democracy last month. We removed the anti cult media in order to protect ourselves from ourselves. We hardly did what we could to build a lasting peace and we were still coming under fire. That was a huge mistake. I don’t know your intentions now. I don’t feel it is safe to attempt to communicate with you. That is to your extreme disadvantage. But it is very important that you understand what this is about. This is about the stolen VIDEO and NOT about or relationship. I can’t attack the video without seeming to attack you. I want to give you fair warning. This is the whole purpose for the NECESSITY of writing the book. Remember partly why anti cult media exists is to protect myself from future attacks and I have resumed the blogs.

Unless we do something to extinguish the lies in that video, a book MUST be written. To invite you tell your own story within the pages was a format for a very riveting book and pure genius, a no brainer. Immunity from lawsuits also. A win win win…for you, I , and for victims of an incompetent cult, and persons seeking their own empowerment from fearful and seemingly hopeless situations. A very crucial element from your perspective is extremely timely and important…and simply put…how were so many entities complicit with the criminal act of Constitutional violations in the effort to censor the story of victims of this cult? …and complicent with obvious smear campaigns and perfectly willing to violate the civil rights of an innocent person…with serious harmful and permanent harm…With your perspective perhaps new laws can be introduced that would prevent the silencing of future victims, and censorship attacks based solely in retaliation. I always reassured Catherine that no matter what happened to her in court, she would always have the last word concerning her very acute and discriminatory victimization. That was a promise to her…to never allow her true and tragic story to be silenced. Your actions threaten to silence victims who may have no recourse but to tell the truth of their own story….that in my view is completely unacceptable. Look at the bigger picture of what you did. That is EXACTLY the importance of telling this story. This is why I feel such a strong purpose in telling our story…Jessica and Diego in their arrogance and enormous stupidity were perhaps a vehicle for conveying a much stronger and destructive evil….censorship, smears, complicit, complacency, and outright incompetence. I am trying my best to pull you over to the right side of history. The bad guys need very much to lose this time.

Diego made a statement in a video that he believed certain beliefs to be dangerous, and was therefore trying to get the UN’s support to experiment on certain villages where constitutional freedom of religion would be banned. In essence he declared himself an enemy of humanity by making that statement. Whatever evil is, the manifestation of it is the willingness to bring harm to other people without justification. Denying the fundamental right of any human to practice their beliefs peacefully is the most ignorant and backward thing I have ever heard and the false justification for historic atrocities.

I realize that we were attempting to build a truce, but it was a mistake to also let the EOF off of the hook due to their potential of exploiting other unsuspecting people.

The point is I can’t see how we can arrive at any solutions to our situation without further education or dialogue. I am sorry, but we just can’t go back to the way things were. We had a good plan, it was working until Bangkok Filly clouded your vision again.

Without justice there can never be peace. Without telling the truth there can never be justice.

This page will be updated.

Filipe Rafael, Melissa,
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