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Introducing HOVERSLED!

HOVERSLED IS THE THIRD MOST POPULAR KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN IN MINNESOTA! Hoversled has been in development secretly and is being unveiled publicly for the first time ever. See it in action for the first time at the BENTON COUNTY FAIR AUGUST 4-10, 2015! Available for purchase this winter season…follow development of Steven Sohlstrom’s vision for the next great American enterprise on Facebook! Tune in to WJON Radio or online at for a live interview with Steven Sohlstrom on Wednesday, August 5 at 12:15pm.

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Memorial Day Explosion At Sartell Paper Mill

On May 28, an explosion at the Verso paper mill in Sartell, Minnesota claimed one life, injured five others, and resulted in the biggest fire in Sartell’s history.  The blast concusion was experienced by many around town, and it was reported that the thick black smoke was visible from as far away as Foley. Crystal Blunt captured this image less than half an hour after the initial blast, and the fire continued to burn for the following two days. The following images where captured as smoke still trickled into the air above the mill. The Radio Pilot News Service of Flight Flash took to the sky today for this aerial perspective. A solemn flight today with thoughts for the man who lost his life in this tragedy.  For additional coverage, link to .

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Melting Mississippi

Patches of open water were widening on the river today as temperatures in St.Cloud went into the high 50’s. View a shot overlooking the city as seen on WJON.

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Extreme Weather Re-Cap For St.Cloud And Central Minnesota, 2011

Support Flight Flash and bring innovative news and views to Minnesota and your community. ALL OF THE FOLLOWING IMAGES AND VIDEOS  IN THIS REPORT, (EXCEPT RADAR AND SATELLITE) WERE PRODUCED BY FLIGHT FLASH.        WEATHER RE-CAP 2011. Spring in St. Cloud gave an unusual hint that things to come might be on the line of the unexpected – or maybe even extreme. An April snowfall christened the city with a beautiful, albeit unseasonable layer of snow crystals that completely vanished within hours.  [youtube i7StpffjrLA]        Days after the actual snowfall, Flight Flash (RPNS) produced this screen test to chronical weather in the local media…It was only an experiment and my friend Kaylene stepped up to be the on-camera reporter.        In the moments we began to film this, the first wave of terrible storms were beginning to unfold throughout the South. The laptop radar captures a view of  this data. We used the images to train how to spot tornadoes from the national radar mosaic. Little did we know, we were studying what was about to become one of the biggest outbreaks of tornadoes in history. This left an unforgettable urgency to document and promote weather safety in the St.Cloud area.        A month later, a small storm followed by a display of heat lightning reminiscent of 4th of July fireworks, paid our city a visit in May. At the same time, only an hour away, Minneapolis was recovering from a tornado touchdown that claimed one life.        Then, on the first day of summer (June 21, 2011), rain fell on our city to such an extreme that it flooded several streets…and it wouldn’t be the last time this year. [youtube 50T_NZLtvTM]        The sky hadn’t finished. Not much more than a week later on July 1st, a very serious wind storm dropped a weak tornado in the Waite Park area, and pushed winds into the North side of downtown St. Cloud where dozens upon dozens of trees were pushed flat. The fact that these trees blocked many routes to the St.Cloud Hospital made the situation that much more serious, and our city went directly into action.   [youtube UDEHRScgmaM] Compare an image of Whitney Field only a few weeks before as a thunderstorm approached… …and then 3 weeks later as it became the city’s compost site for downed trees.        In St.Cloud, it seemed the worst of summer storms had to be behind us for 2011, but the weather was unrelenting. Rains continued to bring flooding that swelled the Sauk River, and endangered some of our young citizens and rescue personnel. For 3 days in a row, rescues and the recovery of a swamped rescue boat on the Sauk River held our attention in the news. The oppressive heat index which pressed beyond 100 degrees for a few days in these weeks probably drew people to the river to cool down in spite of the apparent danger. [youtube nh1Em6JvR88]        Then came lightning! An intense electrical storm wrought fury in the St.Cloud metro…sending 6 to the hospital and alerts of fire from lightning scrambled firefighters to the rescue. This … Continue reading

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Sauk River 8

A recent file photo (7.8.11) of the Sauk River near to where the rescue call was made.   On Tuesday afternoon, as the Sauk River approached flood stage in St.Cloud, a report that a woman was spotted clinging to a tree in the swift flowing waters of the Sauk sent rescue teams into action. Upon her retrieval, it was learned that up to 7 more members of a group who had gone tubing that day were unaccounted for. The rescue effort immediately intensified. [youtube nh1Em6JvR88] The news service provided this video report for Exclusive extra – THE RISK TO RESCUERS: On a sidebar to the rescue of 8 teeneagers from the flooded Sauk River, 2 kayakers also risked their lives to assist them (A civilian and an off-duty firefighter). The kayakers eventually drifted downstream into the rescue staging area where the Sauk enters the Mississippi. Having slipped past a rope dropped down to catch them, the Zodiac watercraft eventually retrieved them as they were pulled into the swollen Mississippi. [youtube ddjctriXnjQ]  Support growing businesses in Minnesota:

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Storm Slams The Neighborhood, Trees Down.

          I have to admit, I didn’t like the feeling of driving up my street this morning to do this flight. Thankfully, no homes were badly damaged, but the number of trees down and volume of visible debris was unsettling. As this damage began to occur, I was in front of my largest window that became white with the blinding wind, rain, and hail…unsafe…I raced downstairs to warn my house residents that we needed to get to the basement…but as it turns out I was home alone. As this event began to unfurl, I was studying the radar, trying to pull up satellite images, and wondering what this storm would bring. When a report over emergency radio came that an experienced storm spotter had seen a funnel cloud in the area of 94W and 23. I didn’t doubt it for a moment. It was go time. Scanning the sky to the South, the clouds looked dark and ominous, but typical of a large thunderstorm. When I stepped outside clutching my hand-held scanner in the light wind-driven rain, the air told a different story. There was certainly unconcentrated cloud rotation at low level just to the NW, almost overhead…definitely a cause for concern. I went back inside to get the rest of my gear. Moments later, the downburst hit. The intense rain poured through my open windows as I worked to close them…and then hail appeared, it was pea or nickel-sized. That was the cue I was trying to discover by satellite. We were under a super-cell high enough to freeze rain on a day when the heat index was unbearably hot. That was even more cause for concern. I now became worried for my other house occupants who I feared were asleep on the second floor. Reaching that level, I heard an alarming sound. The balcony door facing the storm was holding back a strong wind…and when it does this it lets an erie vibration roar as some air slips through. It was screaming with a loud intensity that I’ve never heard to be this powerful before. During these moments trees were toppling in our neighborhood.           Scrambling my gear to cover this storm, I headed out into the wind and rain, but only a block away from my house I hit a deep puddle that caused my car to stall. I spent the next 20 minutes there scanning the sky, and listening to reports on radio that we were in a tornado warning, and that there were trees down on 9th Ave and 6th Ave N…restricting access to the hospital.           When my car started again, I moved into the damaged area, and was taken aback at what I discovered. Along with magnificent trees that withstood the years of history in our town, and were now toppled into the street, I found  vehicles that had been crushed…emergency services that had gone into action…and a good samaritan with a chain saw went directly to work to free our busy 9th Ave from a tree that was obstructing traffic.           When I returned home, I found there was neither electricity nor … Continue reading

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Approaching Storm Over St.Cloud

As seen on The sky was an intriguing blend of calm air and sunshine on the East side of this small approaching storm today, so I knew it would be a great opportunity to send the plane up hoping to catch a new aerial weather image. Although expecting turbulent downdrafts at any moment to bring my flight to an end, suprisingly, I was able to continue flying in relatively calm skies until only moments before the storm arrived. (North Jr. High is in the center-left foreground) Yes, I fight crime and fly.Why doesn’t Steven more readily go on the defensive to address some of the defamation more aggressively? If you follow the dynamics of the story, compare it to a surgeon trying to remove a tumor from a human heart. She is being used as a weapon and human shield. Steven is doing his best to defend Melissa and build her self esteem and empowerment in the midst of these extraordinary circumstances. I wouldn’t be speaking about any of our private business if the eof hadn’t made the public attacks. The violence issue is not a he said-she said at all. There is plenty of video evidence to prove it. I documented it for my own legal protection. Revealing some of the what I’m hiding to protect her (including her identity) would be utterly devestating to her. Basicly, she’d experience what the eof has done to me which I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Keep in mind, she is also a victim and not to blame. It takes two to fight. Even when we were together when things suddenly became highly unusual after months of harmony, I refused to fight with her. Not even her parents could understand what was wrong. It’s not like she was able to openly express it to me. We never had anything to fight about that was evident to me, the conflict stemmed from her secret world with Jessica and Diego where their predatory opportunity was very easy to see. Is she free now? Think about it. Their motives are plainly on the table. This is where it is so blatently clear that Jessica has no concern for Melissa’s well being because she feels that assigning blame to someone other than herself gets her off the hook. I hope this abuse of Melissa is as plain for the public to see. As stated in the film they were relentless about this, even though neither of us were to blame for anything…and they knew I was safeguarding Melissa’s well being at her own direction. Jessica’s promise for the $2,500 was to heal her, not create a festering scar of selfish opportunism. Now, with the truth coming out, Jessica is toast…and I would suggest not being within arm’s reach of Melissa WHEN she figures everything out. I think we both agree that she is a very intelligent woman. That is the point of her isolaton and control isn’t it: to prevent her from finding knowlege beyind the … Continue reading

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Flight Flashback:Two Years Ago Today…

On June 10, 2009, this image was captured from the air of the first connection of the spans of the Granite City Crossing and published on

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Snow On April 20 In St. Cloud

The Mynah Bird HD2 went to work early today after an unusual, late-April Snowfall in St. Cloud that amounted to a beautiful Spring morning. The calm sky revealed a fluffy, bleach-white snow that covered nearly everything, and allowed for a crisp HD video image in the low-light minutes just after daybreak. Even at extremely low altitudes, the Mynah Bird found small clouds drifting between it and the Mississippi River, as the cold and humid air created a varied and low cloud cieling. In the light snowfall, the taps of impacting snow and ice on the camera lense sent a crackle through the aircraft’s sound recorder.  By noon today, most of this snow coverage had completely melted, and the land appeared as normal for an April day in Central Minnesota: with green grass awaking to the sun as though nothing had even happened. Yet, only hours before, the inches of white fluff sucked the MBHD2 beneath a wintry cover of snow, even after a nearly perfect landing approach.  To view a flight video from this morning, click this link to Youtube >> << Special thanks to for forwarding this coverage. View a special news presentation of this event from the Radio Pilot News Service  here >> The image posted above is a frame grab from the HD video of The Mynah Bird HD2, or on assignment known as “Sky Flash One”.

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In The News…

Thankyou for posting Flight Flash imagery in your coverage of the New Hwy 15/CSAH 120 Interchange Design.

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