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More Photos From Tuesday’s Flight

A cash reward is being offered for evidence and testimony in the ongoing investigation to bring a civil defamation lawsuit intended by Steven Sohlstrom on the defendants collectively referred to as Orange Bus Group (Nancy Dyson, Jason Jaques, and Brian Hurd) and the now disbanded EOF cult (Jessica Schab and Diego Fontanive). The latter ran a criminal cult based overseas that is now acknowledged as a fraud with myself and my former fiance being directly victims. The fiance was entrapped in the fraud and overseas for over 4 years but has since escaped and is  now in process of detailing the fraud and manipulation imposed on her and costing far more than her life savings. There was an international effort with myself in the direct line of fire to go after this cult and expose them. It is internationally recognized that there was a massive effort of public retaliation based on completely false narratives, malicious libel and defamation. This very dramatic case also involves a misstep by local police to maliciously prosecute the defendant on behalf of the foreign based cult in an attempt to silence a documentary produced to expose them. The resulting situation created by local police (who have the power and authority to lie to and manipulate a witness if they believe it will strengthen their case) may have resulted in furthering the ongoing exploitation, fear and confusion in the cult victim at a critical juncture in the case. It was more than just negligence. This  only reinforced the false narrative and the cult’s ability to further their criminal fraud, emotional harm and exploitation of the victim. The sloppiest of police work was employed and when the case was dismissed, even attempts to further the vendetta and manipulate the witness were reported. It is hoped this event will draw the attention of the FBI as it was entirely unethical and perhaps illegal to prosecute this case, and engage in a vendetta post-dismissal. This story will certainly be more broadly publicized in forthcoming media (including a book) and the ongoing investigation. The accused, Nancy Dyson, Jason Jaques, and Brian Hurd locally and actively participated in this known defamation on behalf of the cult and were very aggressively warned against it. On 1/1/2017 there was an  attempt by myself to press charges for criminal stalking and harassment with clear intent to harm. This stalking, harassment and menacing activity was in part waged from at least 4 fake Facebook pages and invasion of my personal web locations in spite of clear warnings to stop. It escalated to direct threats of violence and created a state of fear with nowhere safe to go in my own city. Of course the police ignoring it only emboldened the stalking and threat of violence. Nancy was a known participant and eventually engaged in obstruction attempts by planting false and misleading statements to entice local police in an attempt to backtrack from the situation. The cover-up is sometimes worse than the crime. The resulting situation … Continue reading

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