Melissa, Listen, I am very sorry that things seem to have taken a turn for the worse again but let me explain in short form what is going on: We made peace. We disappeared. It was time to heal. I was so excited and approaching happiness finally after 5 years of hell. Diego caught on and forced our hand. THIS IS ABOUT THE VIDEO. I tried to be nice about it, but what good has it done if you take it down and he puts it back up? This is NOT over until it is finally over. At the start of this nightmare, it was 90% about our relationship and 10% about the violence and defamation. That changed last year when I watched the video for the first time. It instantly reversed to 10% about our relationship and 90% about the violence and defamation. Melissa, I have tried extremely hard to save what I could of our extremely important story while dodging your attacks/ sabotage / hacking / secret coordinated conspiracies. I have to live in complete fear of what you will do next. The stress I am forced to live with because of your denial is very bad for my health and ability to live life.  We have only made progress to end all of this by communicating and coordinating. I have given you options, a full range of choices, freedom to resolve our situation in a variety of ways. You ALWAYS come to the conclusion that my ideas are good. You had the situation under control and contained. You don’t have anything to gain by our artificial “fight” being dragged back into the open. Remember- I have been on YOUR side. Listen carefully – THAT VIDEO CAN’T EXIST WITHOUT A FULL ON LEGAL ATTACK OR COUNTER MEDIA…PERIOD. I literally spent 6 months last year trying to contain in words why without having it come off as threat. Regarding lawsuits against each other…the purpose of the book was to AVOID that. Anyway, I have a distinct advantage by telling the truth in the interest of doing good….which ISN’T defamation. Your side promoted outright lies specifically to smear and do harm…which IS defamation. I have a reputation, valuable brands, and free speech to defend. You continually complain of inconvenience. Get a perspective. You had choices to make, and you made them. (Sorry if this comes off as mean…strong words for a very serious situation) During this experience I coined a phrase; “conspiracy of emotional terrorism”.  The video fits exactly into this idea. It is not the same as “harrasment” by quietly daily receiving supportive and encouraging words from a fiance who was led to believe you were the “emotional captive” of an overseas cult – and ultimately proven exactly right…it is malicious defamation literally set free and out of control. It is being daily violated by a video smear with horrific, untrue and life destroying accusations, it is the defacto harassment for weekly checking to see if there is an … Continue reading

A Portuguese Predator Visa Shopping On U.S. Soil? You Decide!

The Bangkok Filly Files coming soon… See updated “Chasing Rainfall”… The response to the stolen video that you are “every bit” a part of and now forfeited your vote on the handling of our story, will be published soon. Dear YouTube, The videos in question each feature Melissa and I,  and not only were they filmed with her consent which implies an agreement in perpetuity, they contain nothing explicit nor illegal. They have been available online for years. As a matter of fact, Melissa and I were discussing these specific videos over the phone just last month and she told me that they were OK…particularly our sailing trip. I was working to accommodate her in regards to our anti-cult media. Now, I recognize that Constitutional freedom of speech fits somewhere in your community guidelines, and that it would be impractical and unrealistic that you police the web to clean up content at the whim retaliatory ex-partners. That said, I have been the target of coordinated smear campaigns and social media sabotage by Melissa in the past when she was a member of an overseas cult and although we have done our best to make amends, the survival of our very relationship had become a symbol of resistance against the cult…so it was heavily attacked…and it’s destruction was a valued prize. Also, the willingness of Melissa to engage in the smear was a measure of the cult’s power and control. In essence, the removal of this video is desired by a network of people that Melissa herself characterizes as criminals and frauds. Melissa is still vulnerable to this manipulation and is easily triggered. This situation has been a highly contentious few years. You currently act in a complicent nature on behalf of these criminal predators. Legally, I maintain these videos for self protection due to the malicious libel and smear campaigns that were routine in the past, and which also involved illegal actions such as making false statements to police and obstruction. These are very serious and dangerous lapses of ethics. I fear the complete erasure of any media that proves the existence of our past relationship would be both very empowering to the cult exploitation (the cover-up of what happened to Melissa) and increase the potential for my harassment and defamation. The videos also present a powerful statement of the before / acute amount of emotional scarring endured by us both / in the effort to control and criminally exploit Melissa overseas which she now confesses was their intent. Obviously further healing is in order. But I am so sure of the effort of continued attempts at sabotage or retaliation by Melissa, or people of influence over her that support her very public and criminal exploitation….that you are also notified/ ordered to preserve any correspondence pertaining to this matter as it may be subpoenaed for criminal investigation. I hope you follow the law in this matter, Cheers! Steven FF We are going back to this…really???? I am so disappointed in … Continue reading

Protected: Sticking To My Story…

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Revelations: in multiple senses of the word…

Last evening when I watched a documentary about an odd history that played out in Oregon in the 1980’s based on a cult, I had some debate about the meaning of “cult”. I was confused as to what the intent of this documentary was, and what was about to be revealed…       I insisted, “But a cult by definition implies fraud, sexual exploitation, and other activities defined as crimes!” The Jonestown massacre is an example of one extreme. What is on the other extreme? One person, a thousand? Brainwashing is only where it begins, but if that’s all it amounts to, maybe there’s no crime in that? Was a cult automatically a bad thing? I was so confused.        I am not a mean person. Lately I’ve found myself conflicted by the seemingly “unfair” “persecution” of Jessica Schab. She had the audacity to come out after the implosion of the EOF as a “former cult leader”. Too soon to capitalize on the pain she’s caused. My  feelings on her were reaffirmed when I watched the latest video she posted last evening. She had a decisive impact on the greatest event in my life, which was the brainwashing and exploitation of my former “fiancé”. Is she ready to be forgiven? Surely she as all people deserve their chance for redemption. She continues to bury this incident under the rug. She’s not the only one.       During Jessica’s interview, I was brought back to the very moments and techniques of the conscious and forceful manipulation of my “fiance”…because I was on the receiving end of her brainwashing which manifested itself in increasing physical abuse. (This was very serious and very real- Jessica’s intention was to relentlessly drive us apart and she litterally made a nightmare come to life) I continue to defend Melissa as I don’t believe she had a real understanding of what was happening. (Honey, I’ve only wanted to forgive you) and as always, Jessica mentions her over encompassing and twisted version of the word “abuse” which she seems to blanket over every relationship as another tool in her arsenal to manipulate the outcome to her own wishes: and that of course was the destruction of our relationship,  as is well defined in my film. Not only does Jessica continually reinforce my position that she did a horrible thing, but in revealing her conscious manipulation reveals a huge betrayal of those she hurt including Melissa…and obviously me. But that is only the beginning of a very long and complex story where they of course eventually teamed up in Europe to bring this “abuse” and her exploitation to a whole new level. They? Hurting us was indeed an international effort. (See other stories on this site – Jessica Schab / EOF )  I had not spoken to Melissa in over 4 years. I had only seen her Facebook page once in all that time and that was almost 2 years ago. 99.9% of the time … Continue reading

Hoversled Continues To Reach New Milestones

Hoversled, the latest of filmmaker Steven Sohlstrom’s enterprises, is in actuality a life long passion. He first began to design hovercrafts in the early 1980’s and in 1987 had a hovercraft he constructed of pine boards and aluminum sheets  on display as a 4-H project at the Benton County fair. 20 years later, he envisioned the concept of the battery powered Hoversled and within months, had a working prototype. Today, the current encarnation of hoversled sports powerful brushless motors, a lift capacity surpassing 200 pounds and a weight less than 15 pounds. Very recently, Sohlstrom achieved the seemingly impossible when he coasted to the bottom of the local sledding hill while it was completely free of snow, immediately proving that the sport of hoversledding is for every season and worldwide. The Hoversled is currently available in two configurations: The Exo S70 $399 and the Exo T65 $469. For more information contact or navigate to:

Steven Sohlstrom Charts A Course For New Adventure

Writer, filmmaker and sailor Steven Sohlstrom has come to New York City to acquire a sailboat. More to come….

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Shipwreck Stew (and other recipes for disaster) Now Available!

eBook Shipwreck Stew by Steven Sohlstrom $2.99  eBook Version… Filmmaker Steven Sohlstrom has more adventure than he bargained for learning to sail. From being marooned on the Mississippi in a gale, sailing Duluth Harbor in November, and sinking in a storm on Leech Lake, he learns to love the peace and beauty of sailing, while craving the test of stormy seas! A marvelous introduction to the world of sailing from a beginners perspective with valuable experience gained. Authors note: As he was about to embark on another sailing adventure and preparing to write his next book, Steven was sidelined with an unexpected brain tumor…a rather large meningioma. His speech ability, memory and reading was effected so it is uncertain what his writing will be like in the future but new adventures in sailing are unstoppable! >> AVAILABLE ALSO ON EBAY IN PAPERBACK. Click Here << >> Readings from SHIPWRECK STEW on You Tube Click Here <<        Available in Downtown St.Cloud, Mn at PAPER COLLECTOR GALLERY on 7th.  Please enjoy the book and support the continuing adventure!