7 Years Ago, Flight Flash was on the Frontier Of News Innovation Amazingness!

  It began with a simple response to the Fire Chief of the city of St. Cloud; “I’m Steve from the Radio Pilot News Service.” Watch the Flight Flash Year In News 2009: https://youtu.be/riNtWDOWEfw More forthcoming…  

Hoversled Campaigns To Make Kits Educational

Hoversled is back with a new Kickstarter campaign that offers a fun book to guide makers in the construction of a kit to build their own Hoversled. For details, go to the link and support one of the coolest educational kits on planet Earth! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/826411444/hoversled-the-kit-and-pilots-manual See Lexi summersledding on the Hoversled! https://youtu.be/Nh4x1mAbXvQ

2nd Chance Day On The Hill Yields Advocacy Meetings With Representative’s Knoblach, Theis

  As I awoke this morning and made my plans, I didn’t expect that within a few hours I would be in the office of Sen Jim Knoblach in St. Paul, Minnesota on this drizzly March day. I was there with Mike Sawin, Justin Michael, and advocating not just for my friend Katie, but also presenting an idea to this lawmaker that could make a difference in the barrier to voters who would like to cast a vote in state and national elections, but are hindered by a criminal conviction. My suggestion doesn’t even require the change of any laws.   Mr. Knoblach ushered us into his office and we sat for a moment looking for direction to begin the conversation. After introductions, it came to my moment to explain why I was there. My purpose was to relate the story of my friend Katie who had slipped completely through the safety net for the homeless community in St.Cloud, where it is not difficult at all to find shelter. It just happens that Katie is also handicapped and accompanied by a tiny service dog. “The best prescription I ever got,” as she likes to say. In desperation for immediate shelter and facing both physical pain and life crushing emotional trials, Katie was told by her social worker to do whatever any able-bodied homeless person would do in her situation (which includes spending all of her disability money on a hotel room which gets her only about half-way through the month) Katie is handicapped with a service dog, allergic to pain medication, and has had the door of hope closed to her at each turn. Thankfully the very frightening cold snap she faced last month has ended. No one seems to understand the urgency or gravity of the situation. (See a link to her full story below)   Mr. Knoblach wasn’t the only listener today that was receptive to Katie’s story. Tama Theis showed concern as well for the story. It is not just heartbreaking that Katie is denied help by the local system, in the case of the Salvation Army it was stated that in spite of the ADA laws, they found that they could deny her refuge in order to protect “the comfort” of their other guests. As in the case with Place of Hope, it is very uncomfortable to note that it is not with an open heart they looked to provide her shelter, which is the stated purpose of their mission, instead they have sought the course to find a way to deliberately exclude her.   As the meeting with Mr. Knoblach moved forward to the broader theme of the day, our impromptu round table arrived at the fact that there are constitutional impediments to restoring voting power, because probation does not allow ex convicts to fit the legal definition of a full return of their citizenship. If probation is the problem, I certainly know of a fix for that.   “If I may sir, I think … Continue reading

Granite City Crossing Bridge Construction Documentary: An Aerial Achievement In The Days Before Quadcopter Drones

>>View the historic film<<  

EOF / UPDATED CONTENT / Greetings Europe, from the Netherlands / EPISODE 3 NOW IN: Grooming, Emotional Entrapment and Fraud, is it OK Sometimes? / Sacred Radio PODCAST LINKS now in!

Is this finally the begining of the end for the twisted and manipulative cult, Jessica Schab and Diego Fontanive’s EOF? I am going to summarize briefly some of the topics I plan to discuss on the radio program and why this is such an important story. I encourage everyone who has a stake in this to listen, particularly eof members who may want to stop endorsing the reckless activities of Jessica and Diego who use fear as a form of control and even censorship (they disguise their censorship attempts with an interesting term= cyber bullying) Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming level of support and empathy for our story now coming from around the world. With typical irony, our story will be broadcast on Valentine’s Day, 2016. It is certain to be a controversial and heart-wrenching program. See the latest: Clip from the third live broadcast and recent statement by Steven from 4.12.16 and part of my reaction to Jessica’s address at the faithtofaithless conference http://flightflash.com/2009/11/09/chasing-unicorns-and-the-mental-health-profession/ The eof became a bit riled up when they heard I would be doing this interview and understandably so. They do not want our voice to be heard. I’ve predicted all along that the story of what they did to Melissa and I would rattle the foundation of the eof to rubble. To that end, I produced a documentary about it. Of course the great irony of this, is that for Melissa’s sake, I hoped my film would never see the light of day! It is certainly not an attack on her, but important to tell the truth, and reveal their very intentional and brutal result…my physical abuse…her emotional and financial ruin, and the continuing exploitation of my fiance. Trying my best to delicately encourage her to come back home (and before she finally loses everything), they viciously turned her into a weapon against me with truly horrific result. I love and forgive her for what happened and know she is not to blame. I don’t insist on calling her my fiance because I’m deluded or crazy…it is a show of resistance for what they stole of her dignity by relentlessly giving her no choice in the matter of our togetherness. I was an eyewitness and that is an absolute and very despicable fact. I fight this for her. That is an energy I will hold onto for her until she has the energy to fight them again on her own. This is more than just a lovestory. None of this happened over night and continues to evolve in its mystery and complexity. Everything I’ve learned little by little about the eof and their exploitation of Melissa completely reinforces the information in my film. I’d certainly be willing to bet there will be one person in Europe who will be banned by the eof from listening to this very important broadcast and that is Melissa herself. It is still a huge mystery if she understands what is really going on because she appears to be … Continue reading

Hoversled Classic EXO Flight Video!

Lexy became the youngest Hoversled pilot in the world last weekend. See the video: Youtube and visit our Ebay store! Ebay http://www.facebook.com/hoversled @hoversledsteve :Twitter   Current Kickstarter Campaign launched 4.15.16 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/826411444/hoversled-the-kit-and-pilots-manual go fund me Hoversled 2016 launch

Merry Christmas Planet Earth :) From Hoversled

Merry Christmas Planet Earth! You’ve waited patiently over 50 years since the hovercraft was invented…and now you can finally have your own battery-powered “flying” sled  🙂 I’m officially beginning the waiting list for this season’s very limited run. First come, first served. Please inbox me for details. Also please contribute to the www.gofund.me/hoversled  page to help us get more sleds more quickly. We are a baby company preparing to take on the world! Thanks for the support! Steve

Go Fund Me For Hoversled 2015

Hi! Please help us bring hoversled to the world this season! Your support can make all of the difference in creating a local business success story. Campaign Link << Congrats also to our Hoversled model Ploy who finished third in the Miss Asia USA competition in California!

A Brief Message From Doc Emmit Brown and Marty McFly…

Well, as seen this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Doc and Marty showed up for the future and were a bit underwhelmed with the current state of the hoverboard among other things….the HOVERSLED, on the other hand, they are bringing back to 1985 for further study…apparently there’s a boy in St.Cloud, Mn who is having trouble deciding whether to become a movie director or an aerospace engineer… Ebay > Introducing the first production Hoversled now available globally… Please Click Here Hoversled on Facebook Youtube > Marty, Doc, and Jimmy Kimmel! Introducing the HOVERSLED CLASSIC EXO! Facebook > HOVERSLED page on Facebook!

“Shipwreck Stew” Now Available At Paper Collector Gallery In Downtown St. Cloud

>>Youtube Promo: Shipwreck Stew<< If you have read “Shipwreck Stew”, your comments and feedback are welcome 🙂 and if you are interested in a having a quote featured in our marketing, that is welcome too. Contact: StevenSohlstrom@gmail.com for more information. Please like and share the Youtube video featuring readings from the book and dramatic video of some of the adventures featured in the novel! If you’d like a first edition, first issue copy, there are very few remaining. Visit Paper Collector Gallery in downtown St.Cloud to buy your own signed copy. Youtube Video Link For “Shipwreck Stew” LINK: “Shipwreck Stew” on Ebay . eBook Shipwreck Stew Steven Sohlstrom $2.99