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Snow Flight

  This image was captured from the HD plane on Sunday morning. Snow was falling lightly during the flight and often visible close to the plane as it fell it’s final few hundred feet to the city.  Note the traffic on the Granite City Crossing compared to traffic on the Veteran’s bridge (Center)…this contrasts the many months of congestion on Veteran’s bridge that we’ll remember for a long time. Baby puppy Dear, I was told the other day that at some point you attempted to rebel against them but they sucked you back in. Honey, maybe you got my message about taking off but didn’t elude them properly or left a bridge open…. Remember flee in a cab or bus…. Use cash so they can’t track you. Turn off gps enabling in your devices and don’t respond to ANYthing they send you at all. You may be hipnotized honey. Dear, our story is making more sense and the “community” even supports us getting back together. Remember what your mom said “he’s a keeper”…. Remember? You need to be careful of retaliation from them especially now….they are losing this battle. I was told that they treat you like they own you. In the film I said that they were ” unwilling to share her”… You need to be careful. I am going to do some press about us that will broadcast in Europe. Ive been trying to tell you the book about us will be worth its weight in gold. You and I are the true and overshadowing story of the Ef. People are rooting for us now and D n J are acting secretive about what is going on…if they haven’t told you then they are keeping secrets….watch out. Find a way to secretly contact me please… Do not trust them! If you need me to come to you I will. I love you dear… Xoxo Don’t let them use you for such black energy dear, remember your heart. See if this song makes you cry too like it did me, even when we were still holding one another….  “Same Love” youtube

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September 23, 2008. Torches Cutting Apart the DeSoto Bridge.

          This shot was taken from the ground as crews began to cut the DeSoto bridge to pieces, span by span. Flight Flash is producing a video that will commemorate the DeSoto bridge from demolition to construction of the new Granite City Crossing bridge. Stay tuned….    

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