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Autumn Colors In Downtown St.Cloud

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Investigation Continues…

Central Minnesota and the rest of the state took notice today as investigators converged on the scene of the Rassier farm in St. Joseph. Even under a court order of secrecy, it was not hard for the public to make the connection that today’s investigation was related to the dissappearance of Jacob Wetterling in 1989.  This photograph, taken in the absence of news helicopters, shows the relation of the farm (far left) to the rest of the city. Jacob was last seen at the driveway of this farm. This image by Flight Flash’s Radio Pilot News Service for

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Great Minnesota Air Show HIGHLIGHTS

   See Radio Pilot News Service ground coverage of the Great Minnesota Airshow on Saturday. Flight Flash presents HD video of the performance. Click the link and enjoy!  >>> <<< Thank you WJON, Minnesota Public Radio, and Great Minnesota Air Show for the links!

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Weather Study

After a brief downburst of rain in St.Cloud today, I sent the HD plane up for a look. The saturated clouds were peppered with sunshine and began to drop even heavier rain as they traveled North and to the East. Since the rain had passed, the skys were momentarily clear and dry for the plane. This view is looking South and West at the clouds trailing the little storm. Thank you for posting this weather photo. Interestingly, this storm was traveling such a fine line all day, that it was pouring rain downtown in each time a cloudburst passed, but two miles away where I flew to take pictures, the ground was perfectly dry…for three individual downpours. Flight Flash will strive for photographic coverage of severe weather from the air and from the ground this season. Check out this video from last summer of a shelf cloud passing over Fort Ripley, Mn on June 18, 2009:

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Mississippi Ice Photos

  As seen on These photographs were taken around 5pm on March 17.  By midnight that evening the ice sheet, which was about a half-mile long,  had slipped past the bridge footings. (Update: The truth is, this was a fairly dangerous photo-shoot. I was in the midst of these icy waters and perched on this ice ledge when I realized that if the ice were to snap forward through the bridge footings, all of the pressure of a half-mile long ice flow could spring  forward at a speed that might overcome my kayak…

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FILM: Flight Flash Year in News 2009

Click here>>> <<< Click here Flight Flash’s “Radio Pilot News Service” released many news images this year. They were primarily used by and we thank their staff  for sharing our sometimes exclusive breaking news photos and videos.

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One Last Look, The GRRL Demolition Begins Soon

The GRRL, which I frequented growing up, had a ceremony on October 4 to officially commence it’s demolition. The space will be used for an expansion of the civic center. This photo is not a helicopter shot, rather it was taken from the roof of an adjacent parking ramp. Read about it at >>> See images of the new GRRL built last year at >>

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East St. Germain Hit-and-Run, Shots Fired

 Late  Thursday evening on September 17, 2009, emergency services responded to the scene at E. St. Germain Street where an individual had been struck by a vehicle. During the event, a 15-year-old relative of the victim allegedly fired at the vehicle with a pistol. Again, Flight Flash has the exclusive photos as no other photojournalists were on scene. VIDEO At the scene: LEARN MORE AT WJON.COM

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Angel View: Labor Day Sunset 09

  I think this shot is quite beautiful, and I was happy to see it on I’ll archive it here so it may continue to be enjoyed.

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On the Scene…

            These are images of the three car collision that occured at Hwy 10 and East St. Germain Street in St.Cloud just before 10pm on Saturday evening. Fortunately,  no serious injuries were reported. Read more about it at WJON.Com  

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