Melting Mississippi

Melting Mississippi Patches of open water were widening on the river today as temperatures in St.Cloud went into the high 50's. View a shot overlooking the city as seen on WJON.... (continue reading...)

Balmy January Skies

Balmy January Skies     I sent the plane up for a low-res trip above the ranch neighborhood last weekend. This is the centrecam aircraft with the camera looking down and backwards today. Although it can mount on skis, it's still currently on wheel landing gear. In this configuration the propellor is very low to the ground and you can hear it sucking a few small rocks into the propellor and launching at least one of them right through the tailfin. The river in view is the Missippi. It was around 18 degrees... (continue reading...)

From Ice To The Sky: A Study Of The Frozen Mississippi

From Ice To The Sky: A Study Of The Frozen Mississippi [caption id="attachment_2013" align="aligncenter" width="922" caption="The river ice from an 80 foot altitude. (Hot food after a chilly flight, click on this photo to reveal and support a great downtown restaurant)"][/caption]   [caption id="attachment_2014" align="aligncenter" width="922" caption="The ice again from 20 feet overhead."][/caption] [youtube UgLtdq63xy0]           After several days of temperatures well below freezing, the Mississippi River has frozen over in St.Cloud.... (continue reading...)

Flight Flash On Exhibit At Stearns History Museum

Flight Flash On Exhibit At Stearns History Museum It was a tremendous honor for Flight Flash to be exhibited at the Stearns County History Museum. Thank you for hosting the exhibit and to any of the public that were able to attend! Sincerely,... (continue reading...)

Chasing Rainfall

Chasing Rainfall March, 2016   Hi my name is Steven Sohlstrom and I writing this to address a group (identity of which is not known to me) that took interest in the ongoing saga between myself and the end of fear organization. Apparently, a debate was sparked by the film which I made to expose what Jessica and Diego did to Melissa and I. A healthy debate is always a good thing when arriving at an objective opinion when sorting out the truth. As a person with a journalism and news background, I both... (continue reading...)

Extreme Weather Re-Cap For St.Cloud And Central Minnesota, 2011

Extreme Weather Re-Cap For St.Cloud And Central Minnesota, 2011 Support Flight Flash and bring innovative news and views to Minnesota and your community. ALL OF THE FOLLOWING IMAGES AND VIDEOS  IN THIS REPORT, (EXCEPT RADAR AND SATELLITE) WERE PRODUCED BY FLIGHT FLASH.        WEATHER RE-CAP 2011. Spring in St. Cloud gave an unusual hint that things to come might be on the line of the unexpected - or maybe even extreme. An April snowfall christened the city with a beautiful, albeit unseasonable layer of snow crystals that completely vanished... (continue reading...)

Heat, Humidity, Storms and Flooding…An Aerial View Above Waite Park.

Another summer in Central Minnesota to remember. This flight on July 21st reveals the Sauk River (in Waite Park) at flood stage. Even after a string of rescues, and  a sunken rescue boat recovery in the news last week, I encountered 3 teens swimming dangerously in these waters...again, without life jackets. They finally exited the water just before the rapids became dangerously strong. This view reveals the river beside Parkwood 18 with the quarries in the background. Here's a video... (continue reading...)

Sauk River 8

Sauk River 8 A recent file photo (7.8.11) of the Sauk River near to where the rescue call was made.  On Tuesday afternoon, as the Sauk River approached flood stage in St.Cloud, a report that a woman was spotted clinging to a tree in the swift flowing waters of the Sauk sent rescue teams into action. Upon her retrieval, it was learned that up to 7 more members of a group who had gone tubing that day were unaccounted for. The rescue effort immediately intensified. [youtube nh1Em6JvR88] The news service... (continue reading...)

Final Space Shuttle Launch, Continuing Legacy

Final Space Shuttle Launch, Continuing Legacy           Some near to me know that for over a year, I have badly wanted to attend the final space shuttle launch. I couldn't be there in person today...but experienced it by CNN and NASA Tv in HD over the internet. It was a great experience...and Atlantis passed overhead near to Mn during it's initial orbit.           I'm very thankful to have been present as a television viewer. I thought the launch would be scrubbed due to weather but the Shuttle beat the odds this... (continue reading...)

Storm Slams The Neighborhood, Trees Down.

Storm Slams The Neighborhood, Trees Down.           I have to admit, I didn't like the feeling of driving up my street this morning to do this flight. Thankfully, no homes were badly damaged, but the number of trees down and volume of visible debris was unsettling. As this damage began to occur, I was in front of my largest window that became white with the blinding wind, rain, and hail...unsafe...I raced downstairs to warn my house residents that we needed to get to the basement...but as it turns out I was home alone. As... (continue reading...)