Final Space Shuttle Launch, Continuing Legacy

Final Space Shuttle Launch, Continuing Legacy           Some near to me know that for over a year, I have badly wanted to attend the final space shuttle launch. I couldn't be there in person today...but experienced it by CNN and NASA Tv in HD over the internet. It was a great experience...and Atlantis passed overhead near to Mn during it's initial orbit.           I'm very thankful to have been present as a television viewer. I thought the launch would be scrubbed due to weather but the Shuttle beat the odds this... (continue reading...)

Storm Slams The Neighborhood, Trees Down.

Storm Slams The Neighborhood, Trees Down.           I have to admit, I didn't like the feeling of driving up my street this morning to do this flight. Thankfully, no homes were badly damaged, but the number of trees down and volume of visible debris was unsettling. As this damage began to occur, I was in front of my largest window that became white with the blinding wind, rain, and hail...unsafe...I raced downstairs to warn my house residents that we needed to get to the basement...but as it turns out I was home alone. As... (continue reading...)

Approaching Storm Over St.Cloud

Approaching Storm Over St.Cloud As seen on The sky was an intriguing blend of calm air and sunshine on the East side of this small approaching storm today, so I knew it would be a great opportunity to send the plane up hoping to catch a new aerial weather image. Although expecting turbulent downdrafts at any moment to bring my flight to an end, suprisingly, I was able to continue flying in relatively calm skies until only moments before the storm arrived. (North Jr. High is in the center-left foreground) Yes,... (continue reading...)

Flight Flash 2011 Stock Photo Now Available

Flight Flash 2011 Stock Photo Now Available Why use expensive random stock photography? Flight Flash has unique aerial, weather, and news images specific to the St.Cloud area. The first 3 images you use are free, and after that only $12 each. Support innovation in Central Minnesota and request a free disc for your publication... (continue reading...)

As Storm Retreats: A Rainbow Over St. Cloud

As Storm Retreats: A Rainbow Over St. Cloud After some flight work away from St.Cloud today, I returned with only one charged battery remaining as a rainbow unexpectedly stretched across the sky over the city. I'd never photographed a rainbow from the air and was waiting for a chance to do this. There was only one fading patch of open sky allowing the sunlight through the clouds that was necessary to illuminate the rainbow behind this rainstorm, so I had to move quickly. Arriving home, I readied my flight and camera gear as the last... (continue reading...)

Flight Flashback:Two Years Ago Today…

Flight Flashback:Two Years Ago Today… On June 10, 2009, this image was captured from the air of the first connection of the spans of the Granite City Crossing and published on... (continue reading...)

In Memoriam.

In Memoriam. On May 27, 2011, Amanda Franklin succomed to injuries received in a crash at an airshow in Texas on March 12. She is seen here in a performance at the EAA in OshKosh, Wi in July of 2009. She also performed at the Great Minnesota Airshow in St.Cloud, Mn in June of 2010. Amanda Franklin is among very few to know the courage and bravery of flight above the... (continue reading...)

Snow On April 20 In St. Cloud

Snow On April 20 In St. Cloud The Mynah Bird HD2 went to work early today after an unusual, late-April Snowfall in St. Cloud that amounted to a beautiful Spring morning. The calm sky revealed a fluffy, bleach-white snow that covered nearly everything, and allowed for a crisp HD video image in the low-light minutes just after daybreak. Even at extremely low altitudes, the Mynah Bird found small clouds drifting between it and the Mississippi River, as the cold and humid air created a varied and low cloud cieling. In... (continue reading...)

Wings Of The Citabria

Wings Of The Citabria Last Friday evening my father and I accompanied my sister's husband, Craig Swan, to Flemming Field in St.Paul where his Citabria is hangered. It's a restoration project for Craig who is used to flying much larger aircraft, since he pilots a Boeing 747 for a living. This airplane was purchased in California and transported overland to Mn nearly completely dissassembled. Friday evening was spent attaching a wing and other parts to get a more complete feel for how the aircraft will be... (continue reading...)

Island Ice Writer Unveiled

Island Ice Writer Unveiled Two weeks ago while photographing the Beaver Islands, the discovery of this image took me by surprise. A search on Facebook revealed that the owner of the signature is the gutsy Rob Stromme who carved his name into the snow along the open waters of the Mississippi. Here's what Rob had to say about it, " The story goes; I was born and raised in St. Cloud and one of my friends' and I's most favorite past times is going down to the islands, summer or winter, and just walk around and explore.... (continue reading...)