Mynah Bird Flies Again

Two years ago this weekend the Mynah Bird was designed and created for the purpose of capturing a forward looking HD motion picture view. It carried a relatively heavy camera payload with a very wide 16x9 angle lense. After a lengthy process of adjustments it eventually took to the sky but was later grounded due to the risks of carrying such a heavy and expensive camera in a forward looking configuation...Today, after two years, the aircraft returned to the sky again to resume it's... (continue reading...)

Calm After Winter Storm

Calm After Winter Storm An hour and a half before sunset tonight, the sky calmed enough to send up a flight to survey the changes that the heavy snow, wind, drifting and cold temperatures had brought to St.Cloud in the last day. The gusty Easterly wind put enough turbulence in the air to make for a very bumpy flight. The Mississippi river in St.Cloud was already flowing freely at this time a year ago. See last year's Flight Flash blog:... (continue reading...)

Ice Flight

Ice Flight The weather was perfect yesterday for a flight above the Beaver Islands to study the melting ice of the Mississippi River. To view last year's film of  ice flow exploration by kayak and from the air, click the link... (continue reading...)

Snowflakes Viewed From The Sky

Snowflakes Viewed From The Sky In a darkening sky thick with snow, I sent the HD plane up for a view just before 5:30 pm in what may be one of our last heavy snowstorms of the season.  The transmitter was covered with snow and ice as the plane went up to capture this image, which must be rare if even unseen in aerial photography: individual snowflakes frozen in space at this altitude and low light, in conditions risky for manned aircraft to fly. The aircraft needed to be nearly stationary in the sky at the moment to get... (continue reading...)

February Thaw In St. Cloud

February Thaw In St. Cloud ... (continue reading...)

In The News…

In The News… Thankyou for posting Flight Flash imagery in your coverage of the New Hwy 15/CSAH 120 Interchange... (continue reading...)

Film: Flight Flash Year In Photos 2010

 To view this year's film of Flight Flash photography from 2010, click on this link:     >>> <<< Go to the July, archives for 2010's top read story: Exclusive On-Set With Elizabeth Allen >>> <<< See also Flight Flash highlights from the Great Minnesota Air Show in 2010:  >>> <<< From the Archives: Flight Flash... (continue reading...)

Remembering Warmer Days: Granite City Crossing Construction

Remembering Warmer Days: Granite City Crossing Construction This is a previously unreleased image from the archives. It is a composite image from a flight on September 12, 2009. There was so much construction and renovation going on at that time, including 5th Avenue Live!, Lake George, and the 9th Avenue overpass. Please click image to... (continue reading...)

Prairie Haze

Prairie Haze Photographing a farm this afternoon south of Balaton, the morning haze fought it's way back into the sky presenting some pretty unusual conditions for flight. The plane was more than once swallowed up by very low clouds, prompting an immediate descent and the need to fly unusually low to get a good picture. The sky was not dark at all during the flight, but the exposure in this photo is stopped down since the camera is aiming into the... (continue reading...)

Falling Frost in Tracy, Mn

Falling Frost in Tracy, Mn After a very frigid night, frost was blowing from the trees this morning as the sun gradually burned it's way through the haze. Conditions were beautiful for a photo... (continue reading...)