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Searching For Clues After Friday Storm In Rice

Searching For Clues After Friday Storm In Rice Flight Flash launched the HD plane in Rice on Wednesday at the farm of Jerome and Char Warzecha to look at damage caused by a severe storm that rumbled through last Friday producing winds approaching 100mph. The purpose of the flight was to document excessive storm damage to the barn roof, silo, and pole shed, but also to look in neighboring fields for possible evidence of a tornado touchdown that might help to explain the damage.  Interestingly, the flights did reveal some clues that might... (continue reading...)

On-Set With Elizabeth Allen, Director of “Ramona And Beezus”

On-Set With Elizabeth Allen, Director of “Ramona And Beezus”   Steven's Facebook Hoversled Page +   In April, 2009, I boarded an Alaska Airlines jet with a strange looking package bound in holiday wrap. It was extremely fragile, and a large, odd shape that would not fit well in the overhead compartment..."How is this going to work", I wondered? I need to get this package with me to Vancouver, BC. The solution to getting my unusual bundle on the plane was to ask to put it in the forward closet of the aircraft, and away we flew.        My... (continue reading...)

Visit Paper Collector Gallery Downtown for Exclusive Airshow Prints…

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Investigation Continues…

Investigation Continues… Central Minnesota and the rest of the state took notice today as investigators converged on the scene of the Rassier farm in St. Joseph. Even under a court order of secrecy, it was not hard for the public to make the connection that today's investigation was related to the dissappearance of Jacob Wetterling in 1989.  This photograph, taken in the absence of news helicopters, shows the relation of the farm (far left) to the rest of the city. Jacob was last seen at the driveway of this... (continue reading...)

Great Minnesota Air Show HIGHLIGHTS

Great Minnesota Air Show HIGHLIGHTS    See Radio Pilot News Service ground coverage of the Great Minnesota Airshow on Saturday. Flight Flash presents HD video of the performance. Click the link and enjoy!  >>> <<< Thank you WJON, Minnesota Public Radio, and Great Minnesota Air Show for the... (continue reading...)

Buffalo Storm Spotting

  First moments of tornado formed in Buffalo, Mn today. A weak tornado formed in Buffalo, Mn today...As the sky filled with dangerous weather, I was watching the radar being a lookout for the safety of our employees...can't believe this tornado had the nerve to finally form directly overhead, and then reach for the ground just across the Hwy. This after I had been reassuring our team that a dangerous storm threat in our area was very low at the... (continue reading...)

Overnight Thunder

Overnight Thunder    These weather photos were taken early Sunday morning in St.Cloud as a small thunderstorm blew past. They are enhanced to show detail. The top photograph captures rain and hail in descent, and the lower photograph captures a small amount of rain and lightning together. These are ground shots, not aerial.   Read an interesting story about lightning photography in the archives: Nous sommes... (continue reading...)

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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Weather Study

Weather Study After a brief downburst of rain in St.Cloud today, I sent the HD plane up for a look. The saturated clouds were peppered with sunshine and began to drop even heavier rain as they traveled North and to the East. Since the rain had passed, the skys were momentarily clear and dry for the plane. This view is looking South and West at the clouds trailing the little storm. Thank you for posting this weather photo. Interestingly, this storm was traveling such a fine line all day,... (continue reading...)