Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom! ... (continue reading...)

Weather Study

Weather Study After a brief downburst of rain in St.Cloud today, I sent the HD plane up for a look. The saturated clouds were peppered with sunshine and began to drop even heavier rain as they traveled North and to the East. Since the rain had passed, the skys were momentarily clear and dry for the plane. This view is looking South and West at the clouds trailing the little storm. Thank you www.WJON.com for posting this weather photo. Interestingly, this storm was traveling such a fine line all day,... (continue reading...)

Sunday Sunset

Sunday Sunset Flying above the Sauk River at sunset this evening. Made possible by the addition of high-power navigational lights to the HD plane. URL:... (continue reading...)

Art Quality Aerial

Art Quality Aerial ... (continue reading...)

Brainerd Flight

Brainerd Flight   Flight Flash flew Brainerd, Mn for the first time this weekend and got some great shots of a few city landmarks. >>>Click on photo, then click again for more detail.<<< All images on Flightflash.com are copyright Steven Sohlstrom but can be licensed for use. For licensing, contact Steve at... (continue reading...)

Helicopter Assists SRFD With Swamp And Land Fire

Helicopter Assists SRFD With Swamp And Land Fire [caption id="attachment_743" align="alignnone" width="819" caption="A swamp and land fire burned close to property at Highway 10 and Co Rd 33 (60th St. NW) early Wednesday afternoon. Sauk Rapids Fire quickly had the blaze under control with the help of a fire fighting helicopter."][/caption] See exclusive video from the scene >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVpEYQm6ySY... (continue reading...)

Helicopter Flight Practise

Click on the link to see some cool flight video >>>... (continue reading...)

Spring In St.Cloud

Spring In St.Cloud       A view in St.Cloud today of the city through sprouting leaf buds. Note details like Lake George, 5th Ave Live!, SCSU, St.Benedict Center, the St.Cloud Reformatory..., and even further distant, the Sherburne County powerplant on the horizon 20 miles distant. Small towns and communities dot the horizon with their water towers visible in this crystal clear... (continue reading...)

Check Out Paper Collector Gallery’s Collection Of Flight Flash Prints

Check Out Paper Collector Gallery’s Collection Of Flight Flash Prints ... (continue reading...)

Photo Flights Available

Photo Flights Available ... (continue reading...)