Mississippi Ice Photos

  As seen on www.WJON.com. These photographs were taken around 5pm on March 17.  By midnight that evening the ice sheet, which was about a half-mile long,  had slipped past the bridge footings. (Update: The truth is, this was a fairly dangerous photo-shoot. I was in the midst of these icy waters and perched on this ice ledge when I realized that if the ice were to snap forward through the bridge footings, all of the pressure of a half-mile long ice flow could spring  forward at a... (continue reading...)


Thankyou Paper Collector Art Gallery and everyone who came to the exhibit tonight. It was a lot of fun!  I really appreciated meeting the fun people who came to see my work, and the storys we shared while studying the photos that overlook our great city. The experience was very cool. Thanks again,... (continue reading...)

Art Crawl

Art Crawl ART CRAWL Homepage >>>... (continue reading...)

Mississippi River Thaw

Mississippi River Thaw   Enjoy some scenery from the river filmed today... (continue reading...)

Flight Flash Media Content Link

Flight Flash Media Content Link              A special thanks to Modern Steel Construction magazine for including a link to the film Desoto Bridge to Granite City Crossing on the home page of their March 2010 issue. The film posted on Youtube last October will surpass 500 views this week. Congratulations to our home town of St.Cloud, Mn and the Granite City Crossing bridge project for the national recognition in this issue!  http://www.modernsteel.com/SteelInTheNews/?p=318  If you missed the link in early... (continue reading...)

Beaver Islands On A Beautiful Winter Day

Beaver Islands On A Beautiful Winter Day     Deer were crossing the river through the islands as I carefully set up to fly from the ice, but unfortunately eluded being photographed from the air. >>>Click on image to... (continue reading...)

Ice For A Runway

            As the late afternoon sun began to peek underneath the clouds today, I made some repairs to the HD plane to prepare it for a flight in the heavy snowfall. Winter presents a great opportunity to gather unique images, since there are potentially more locations to  fly from.            Today, in a steady easterly wind and a sky rapidly filling with snow, a low altitude flight was made from the Mississippi riverbank in Sartell. The paper mill is pictured... (continue reading...)

Flight of the “Mynah Bird”

This HD video clip was posted to youtube this week... VIDEO>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOE87pu7-vM <<<VIDEO      The "Mynah Bird" aircraft was built for the specific prospect of shooting HD background plates for a scene from a Hollywood movie being filmed in Vancouver in spring, 2009.      Unfortunately, a mysterious design flaw kept it grounded and it wasn't able to fly for the film. It took a month to solve the design issue, and here you see it in the... (continue reading...)

As Snowflakes Fall

As Snowflakes Fall   >>>Click Image to... (continue reading...)

A New Vantage Point…

A New Vantage Point…   Flight Flash excels in obtaining photographs from a point in space you may not be accustomed to experiencing. Below is another image from the flight above the Sauk River on January 10, 2010. >>Double Click on the image  to explore it in... (continue reading...)