Flight Flash is for anyone. We offer a variety of services in an effort to support the art, technology and innovation that inspired it. Aerial photos make a unique and affordable gift…purchase a beautiful print at Paper Collector Gallery, or book a photo flight above your home or farm. We  fly in any season.

For The Public: Art quality HD prints are offered in sizes up to 13×19 for sale at Paper Collector Gallery downtown on 7th Ave N across from the historic Stearns County Courthouse. Twice a featured artist in the St. Cloud Art Crawl, Flight Flash has partnered with Paper Collector to bring you unique photography of our community from a low altitude vantage point during conditions possibly never seen in history from an aircraft. 

Sport And Team Photography: Capture an image of your school’s big game or team group photo from the air. Any group photo; school, business or church is unique and memorable when taken from the air. Partner with Flight Flash as a simple fundraiser for your school or church.

Farm Photography: You’ll never have to shell out a few hundred dollars to a salesman who took a photograph of your farm from the air if you book Flight Flash. We can do it at a price you’ll thank us for, and we’ll appreciate your business too. Watch for our occassional specials which book for $39 and include an 8×10 print. Century Farms photograph free within 30 miles (photo prints extra). We fly in any and every season and even offer a discounted 3 season photo package which includes 3 seperate flights for only $90.

Commercial Real Estate: Flight Flash Aerial Photography can get a shot to publicize your real estate auction or a glamour shot for your real estate sale. We can capture a high-up map shot by plane, or a close up via helicopter.

Stock Photography For Print And Online Publications, Or Even Local Business Websites: Flight Flash (RPNS) offers it’s annual stock photography disc which brings you authentic St.Cloud area news, weather, and unique aerial photographs. Our stock library contains historic photographs you will find nowhere else, including the demolition of the De Soto Bridge and contruction of the Granite City Crossing and more. The images are available at rates that will cut your stock photography budget to shreds, and represent Central Mn as we see it every day. The 2010 disc was first released to a few media businesses in St.Cloud. The 2011 disc was released non-exclusively to our top partner,  TownSquare Media, and the 2012 disc is already in the works.

News: We have special rates for news photography and aerial photography in Central Minnesota. One call can get you the shot that may be  front page for your local newpaper or website. Get signed up today and we’ll be on standby for you.

Production: Flight Flash can capture forward looking aerial video in HD.

Legal and Government: Ready to cut your aerial budget costs to the Nth degree? We’ll map out a section in detail and up to date. From county assessors to surveys and mapping, legal investigation, and litigation. We can do it and save you a lot of money.

Aerial Archeology and Forensics: From time to time I discover something interesting from the air that may best be explained by an archeologist or historian. An investigation scene can be locked in before being disturbed as well, particularly in winter snow. Details can be mapped quickly and at low-level detail.

Contact: FlightFlash@yahoo.com Available in most areas, a reasonable charge for travel distance may be included.