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Melissa, Listen, I am very sorry that things seem to have taken a turn for the worse again but let me explain in short form what is going on: We made peace. We disappeared. It was time to heal. I was so excited and approaching happiness finally after 5 years of hell. Diego caught on and forced our hand. THIS IS ABOUT THE VIDEO. I tried to be nice about it, but what good has it done if you take it down and he puts it back up? This is NOT over until it is finally over. At the start of this nightmare, it was 90% about our relationship and 10% about the violence and defamation. That changed last year when I watched the video for the first time. It instantly reversed to 10% about our relationship and 90% about the violence and defamation. Melissa, I have tried extremely hard to save what I could of our extremely important story while dodging your attacks/ sabotage / hacking / secret coordinated conspiracies. I have to live in complete fear of what you will do next. The stress I am forced to live with because of your denial is very bad for my health and ability to live life.  We have only made progress to end all of this by communicating and coordinating. I have given you options, a full range of choices, freedom to resolve our situation in a variety of ways. You ALWAYS come to the conclusion that my ideas are good. You had the situation under control and contained. You don’t have anything to gain by our artificial “fight” being dragged back into the open. Remember- I have been on YOUR side. Listen carefully – THAT VIDEO CAN’T EXIST WITHOUT A FULL ON LEGAL ATTACK OR COUNTER MEDIA…PERIOD. I literally spent 6 months last year trying to contain in words why without having it come off as threat. Regarding lawsuits against each other…the purpose of the book was to AVOID that. Anyway, I have a distinct advantage by telling the truth in the interest of doing good….which ISN’T defamation. Your side promoted outright lies specifically to smear and do harm…which IS defamation. I have a reputation, valuable brands, and free speech to defend. You continually complain of inconvenience. Get a perspective. You had choices to make, and you made them. (Sorry if this comes off as mean…strong words for a very serious situation) During this experience I coined a phrase; “conspiracy of emotional terrorism”.  The video fits exactly into this idea. It is not the same as “harrasment” by quietly daily receiving supportive and encouraging words from a fiance who was led to believe you were the “emotional captive” of an overseas cult – and ultimately proven exactly right…it is malicious defamation literally set free and out of control. It is being daily violated by a video smear with horrific, untrue and life destroying accusations, it is the defacto harassment for weekly checking to see if there is an … Continue reading

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EOF / UPDATED CONTENT / Greetings Europe, from the Netherlands / EPISODE 3 NOW IN: Grooming, Emotional Entrapment and Fraud, is it OK Sometimes? / Sacred Radio PODCAST LINKS now in!

Jessica Schab and Diego Fontanive’s manipulative and toxic EOF Is this finally the begining of the end for the twisted and manipulative cult, Jessica Schab and Diego Fontanive’s EOF? I am going to summarize briefly some of the topics I plan to discuss on the radio program and why this is such an important story. I encourage everyone who has a stake in this to listen, particularly eof members who may want to stop endorsing the reckless activities of Jessica and Diego who use fear as a form of control and even censorship (they disguise their censorship attempts with an interesting term= cyber bullying) Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming level of support and empathy for our story now coming from around the world. With typical irony, our story will be broadcast on Valentine’s Day, 2016. It is certain to be a controversial and heart-wrenching program. See the latest: Clip from the third live broadcast and recent statement by Steven from 4.12.16 and part of my reaction to Jessica’s address at the faithtofaithless conference http://flightflash.com/2009/11/09/chasing-unicorns-and-the-mental-health-profession/ The eof became a bit riled up when they heard I would be doing this interview and understandably so. They do not want our voice to be heard. I’ve predicted all along that the story of what they did to Melissa and I would rattle the foundation of the eof to rubble. To that end, I produced a documentary about it. Of course the great irony of this, is that for Melissa’s sake, I hoped my film would never see the light of day! It is certainly not an attack on her, but important to tell the truth, and reveal their very intentional and brutal result…my physical abuse…her emotional and financial ruin, and the continuing exploitation of my fiance. Trying my best to delicately encourage her to come back home (and before she finally loses everything), they viciously turned her into a weapon against me with truly horrific result. I love and forgive her for what happened and know she is not to blame. I don’t insist on calling her my fiance because I’m deluded or crazy…it is a show of resistance for what they stole of her dignity by relentlessly giving her no choice in the matter of our togetherness. I was an eyewitness and that is an absolute and very despicable fact. I fight this for her. That is an energy I will hold onto for her until she has the energy to fight them again on her own. This is more than just a lovestory. None of this happened over night and continues to evolve in its mystery and complexity. Everything I’ve learned little by little about the eof and their exploitation of Melissa completely reinforces the information in my film. I’d certainly be willing to bet there will be one person in Europe who will be banned by the eof from listening to this very important broadcast and that is Melissa herself. It is still a huge mystery if she understands what … Continue reading

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