Hi Melissa,

I couldn’t help but notice you followed me on FB this week. Are you OK? I am happy that you at least tried to understand who I really am. There is absolutely nothing wrong with us being friends and you are welcome anytime as long as you come with good intentions. I really wish we could break down this artificial wall once and for all because it may be preventing us from understanding what good came from our experience.

The last 2 months of my life have been very interesting and wonderful to say the least. I don’t think you could see clues because I’ve posted to friends only. I’d love to share with you what I have experienced but it is very personal so you are actually certified to hear it because I tell you everything. In layers.

Hoversled is also going so well. The 2018 prototype is another breakthrough just as the 2017 model was a major leap forward. There is almost everything in place to make it a major success. I could us my kickstarter account about now. I think we are ready for a million dollar campaign. I am very serious. Can you help?

I think I am off through Monday…might be longer. I don’t really need to work right now. Sunday is booked but that doesn’t mean you can’t be included, rather it would be encouraged.

I hope you are OK. I don’t know how exactly to get this note to you but I will try. I never intentionally ignore you, so if I don’t respond promptly, I didn’t get the message or haven’t found it for whatever reason. My daily email is


Hoversled Continues To Reach New Milestones

Hoversled, the latest of filmmaker Steven Sohlstrom’s enterprises, is in actuality a life long passion. He first began to design hovercrafts in the early 1980’s and in 1987 had a hovercraft he constructed of pine boards and aluminum sheets  on display as a 4-H project at the Benton County fair. 20 years later, he envisioned the concept of the battery powered Hoversled and within months, had a working prototype. Today, the current encarnation of hoversled sports powerful brushless motors, a lift capacity surpassing 200 pounds and a weight less than 15 pounds. Very recently, Sohlstrom achieved the seemingly impossible when he coasted to the bottom of the local sledding hill while it was completely free of snow, immediately proving that the sport of hoversledding is for every season and worldwide. The Hoversled is currently available in two configurations: The Exo S70 $399 and the Exo T65 $469.

For more information contact or navigate to: