I did an experiment tonight writing a news story in real-time from information gathered on the EMS radio…

At 10:18pm Friday evening, Avon Fire and Rescue was called to the public access of Upper Spunk Lake in Avon to assist a boat 300′ off shore. It was reported that the boat was taking on water and starting to sink. When rescuers arrived, they were to be alerted to the location of the sinking vessel by a signal light aboard the ailing boat.

The first rescue squad arrived at approximately 10:23pm, located the boat, and determined it was further than 300′ from shore. The on-site crew was advised by Rescue One which was still enroute on I-94, that they should began looking for a boat along shore to commandeer in the rescue effort, as the fire department boat did not have a motor.

By 10:32pm, the crew on scene had located a boat to use. At 10:37pm, it was announced, “boat is safely at the access, all units can cancel.”

No information as to the identity or number of occupants onboard the sinking vessle is known at this time.