Ready to Fly HD


          This is an image taken a few months ago during a test flight for an aircraft that was built to capture an aerial shot for a Hollywood movie. Unfortunately there were complications with the plane that prevented it from going airborn on location in Vancouver, BC last April. 

          A new design had a very successful test flight 2 days ago. The image quality using the HD cam is a giant leap forward.

A Winter Image of the Granite City Crossing Bridge Construction.

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            It’s going to be very hot today, so here’s a cool look back.

           This photograph was taken in March, 09. It was a cold day with a steady breeze blowing in from the North. That was actually perfect since the frozen river was my runway.  It was my last and best opportunity to get an aerial shot of the bridge construction at this stage. The weather did not hold up, and only weeks later this area was open water.