September 23, 2008. Torches Cutting Apart the DeSoto Bridge.

P1090833 - Copy

          This shot was taken from the ground as crews began to cut the DeSoto bridge to pieces, span by span. Flight Flash is producing a video that will commemorate the DeSoto bridge from demolition to construction of the new Granite City Crossing bridge. Stay tuned….



HD 9.12.9 1.33pm GCC
This is a current photo snapped a few days ago of the Granite City Crossing Bridge construction. (Photo 9.12.09)

East St. Germain Hit-and-Run, Shots Fired

 Late  Thursday evening on September 17, 2009, emergency services responded to the scene at E. St. Germain Street where an individual had been struck by a vehicle. During the event, a 15-year-old relative of the victim allegedly fired at the vehicle with a pistol. Again, Flight Flash has the exclusive photos as no other photojournalists were on scene.

FF 9.17.9 11.55pm E St. Germain

VIDEO At the scene:


FF 9.17.9 11.51pm E St.Germain Wide

Bursting Light…


           Bursts of light on the horizon and a few audible pops caught my attention just around 9:30 this evening.  Thinking it might be lightning, I pulled up the radar to see if there was a storm coming. The radar indicated no storm anywhere near. When I saw the sky flash again, and could hear fire sirens near, I clicked on the radio to learn there was an electrical pole sparking at 1225 W. St. Germain St.  Here you see the situation is under control, and the SCFD is awaiting Excel Energy to repair any damage.


September 12, 2008.

Helo 9.12.08 Composite New Library opening day


          One year ago, on September 12, 2008, the new Great River Regional Library opened to the public for it’s first day. This composite image was captured from the Flight Flash helicopter during the last burst of daylight that day. Flight Flash often uses current satellite imagery to estimate the quality of light, particularly towards the end of the day. In this case, launch was delayed in anticipation of the last rays of good lighting to document this historic opening.