Squad Cars Race To Motorcycle Crash

10.10.9 12.25am Squad responding to motorcycle crash at Hwy 15 and Veteran's Drive

Two St. Cloud police squadcars and a Hiway patrol cruiser race through downtown St. Cloud early after midnight on October 10, 2009. The cars are speeding to Hiway 15 at Veteran’s Drive where there has been a motorcycle crash with injuries. The accident occurred a few hours into the first snowfall of the season which came unusually early this autumn. The tractor trailer in the video shot was not involved in the incident.    >>>VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMSI24Uexk8 <<<VIDEO

One Last Look, The GRRL Demolition Begins Soon

10.5.9 From parking ramp Old GRRL as demo about to begin 4.26pm
The old Great River Regional Library in St. Cloud.

The GRRL, which I frequented growing up, had a ceremony on October 4 to officially commence it’s demolition. The space will be used for an expansion of the civic center. This photo is not a helicopter shot, rather it was taken from the roof of an adjacent parking ramp.

Read about it at WJON.com >>> http://www.wjon.com/LocalNews/tabid/4262/newsid9787/32588/Default.aspx

See images of the new GRRL built last year at FlightFlash.com >> https://flightflash.com/september-12-2008/