From Unicorns And Aliens To Mental Health Counseling: A Convenience Couple’s Journey Of Self Manipulation

Which ethical boundary did they cross when Jessica and Diego came into your life, or were they only after your money with their inept criminal scam?

My name is Steve/n and I accepted Jessica Schab’s challenge to research the EOF Project further…that is as if my own direct experience wouldn’t have been enough to be well informed of their destructive lunacy. Here is my broader impression and interpretation of Jessica and Diego’s EOF project based on my own personal experience with them, the confusing vision statement from their website, a few of their YouTube interviews, and the inclusion of some testimonials also found on the website.

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The challenge came as a result of a true-life documentary I made called “Living in Fear” that I guess focused too much on us (the victims) and not enough on “them” (Jessica and Diego). I acknowledge the sensitivity of their egos and I will work my best here to amend the balance of our story to allow for more face time to Jessica and Diego. Keep in mind that my voice as a victim and “Living in Fear” was nearly silenced by false and weak legal actions, but when I finally did release it,  I did so of necessity to protect myself from their ongoing very serious and defamatory attacks…and that only happened many months after a leaked version of the film was released by the other victim in our love story.

At that time, “Living in Fear” had about 12 views. Today the film has sped past the 3000 views mark and has resulted in a thorough exposure and ongoing dialogue concerning Jessica and Diego’s alleged crimes. I am far from alone in my dislike for these rascals as you can discover in the opinions of others scattered about the web. ATTN: Jessica, to quote one of my favorite lines from a movie starring a much better known cult member named Tom Cruise; “Remember… wanted this.” (Jessica has had ample opportunity to diplomatically resolve our situation and I have a well established personal reputation as a peace seeker… For some reason that just doesn’t work for Jessica’s narrative at this moment.) Let’s face it, especially  under the circumstances, I’ve probably been a little bit too nice. Keep in mind, I’m still doing my best to protect the other victim- and not everyone is appreciative of the unconditional love and forgiveness I’ve been oozing about the internet. People wonder how long I will keep excusing her actions and protecting her identity. Some days I wonder too.

Unwilling to be oppressed by a business model that brands one person in the relationship to be abusive, in order to loosen the wallet of the other victim- Steven Sohlstrom

Let’s get started. First of all, I stand by my statement that the EOF project is a sham, and at a moral and academic level far worse. They have recently scrambled to evolve from their past failure in Bali (and admittedly harmful failure according to Jessica Schab), and are currently embarking on a new and more spectacular failure in Portugal. The EOF project is simply an attempt to rebrand Jessica and Diego’s business of “how can I make my clients emotionally dependent and keep them buying my expensive subscriptions to further nonsense”. Nothing new, right?

When they previously introduced themselves as a convenience couple in the “Mystical Child” realm, it was obvious (to most) that their expensive imaginings, fantastical stories, and mystical energy healings were clearly for “entertainment purposes only”, as legal disclaimers in the United States would have required them to say as they promoted their phony non-profit organization. Diego even claims his relationship with Jessica was born of stark criticism for her ridiculous and harmful teachings. Apparently, Diego quickly saw the money making potential of Jessica’s existing scam, threw personal integrity into the wind /(if he ever had any- I have heard rumors that he has been arrested in Italy for witchcraft) / , and embraced his own transformation to the narcissistic and illiterate guru that we grew to love as the “motorcycle jumpstart” mystic.

For some reason, Jessica’s presentation of Diego as an alien God- (with cliche conceptual art to help the “gullibles” visualize his improbable transformation) -didn’t seem to make enough immediate cash. Word around the campfire seemed that Jessica’s new creation was driving down her customer satisfaction metric, and increasing cost of acquisition for new clients that they apparently refer to as “stupids”. Help was on the way because there was a “pioneer” eager to throw her entire life away to join them on their extended vacation.

In 2014, Fortunately for Jessica and Diego, the best/worst thing to ever happen to them was about to come to their rescue. A girl, known to some as Suzie Q, was helping them to crystalize a new business model that was based on her own recent experience and personal exploitation in the midst of seeking answers and psychological counseling. Manipulating her seemed so effortless that perhaps they imagined that their brainwashing could work on anyone, and if so, fortunes were about to be made… Bingo!…they could shift gears again and even appear to the untrained eye to go legit by offering “psychological” counselling. But their work was cut out for them. Before they could peddle a cure, they had to be able to convince their new clients that they are sick in the head. “Do YOU have a healthy relationship with YOUR mind?” was their new catchphrase.

Jessica Schab and the end of fear organization
A business of arrogance: Jessica Schab seems to believe that there can’t be any such thing as love. The safe course is just to destroy your relationship. She gets paid either way. For the rest of us, love is a sincere and very selfless emotion that to most people just comes natural. For those people struggling with the cold inhumanity and greed driven manipulation of the eof, visit for a refreshing reminder of why we can have hope in one another. Before our relationship was poisoned by the eof, we had a perfect and sharing 50/50 partnership that was without secrets, insecurites, or for want for anything. I for one waited my entire life for our very special relationship, and I doted on her continually, and also with her praise. If you don’t believe it, see our films and be reminded it was absolutely Jessica and Diego’s deliberate intention to take control of her life and money. What happened was no accident…and look at the result. It is a very chilling and disturbing element to our story that, post flight, I am accused of being violent in the relationship which I can safely promise is the exact opposite of the truth. Jessica and Diego made me into a punching bag as my fiance struggled with the confusing emotional betrayal of the suggestive lie that we were in an abusive relationship…which is apparently Jessica’s goto assumption of every couple in her love-less world.

In the present incarnation of the EOF, their rebranding trends on the dangerous as they vend their enticing “subscription packages” as a form of psychological counselling and/or deprogramming from the human experience. It appears that to be raised on planet Earth with a diverse range of culture and beliefs, must somehow be wrong, and is entirely offensive to Diego’s superior intelligence. Thankfully, for a fee, he and Jessica can make your mind right again. This is evident in their menagerie of some admittedly mentally ill clients who are very irresponsibly (and maybe illegally) claiming to have been helped or healed by the EOF.

In the marketing process of attracting more “fly’s” into their web, testimonials of clients claim to have had some burden lifted from them that clearly justifies Jessica and Diego’s vacation expenses. If one reads carefully into the website’s illiterate wording,  this burden is apparently the integrity of their evolved instincts, emotions, culture, beliefs, human nature…and even the natural fear evolved to protect themselves. Carefully stripping away those instincts, as Jessica and Diego like to do, conveniently renders a person vulnerable to predators and opportunists they may encounter in life. Let’s take the EOF family for example and the people on the periphery of their circle waiting to take advantage of the vulnerable human wreckage in Jessica and Diego’s wake (the opportunistic Buzzard of Ely- Steve Andrews for instance). Andrews boasted that this was his “Jon Lennon” moment, forgetting the more obvious comparison to Woody Allen in its creepiness factor. He crooned publicly and patheticly to Wales Online for the public to help pressure her into the marriage which even her parents were under the impression was only for the visa. It came out later in her own admission that she was threatened to marry him or she would “Never see him again.” This is one of the many examples of how the End Of Fear Organization continually satisfy their wishes by putting her in situations that are difficult to back away from, and lead her further away from love and family. By keeping her isolated and out of communication she has never had opportunity to know that she was welcome and encouraged to come home all along.

Diego’s patients should be ashamed to admit that they are suckers and ought to be paid to offer such endorsements, not for being legitimately duped, but for sacrificing their own dignity and credibility for the “cause”. Why would a person endorse this potential harm to others and madness at their own expense and embarrassment?

Wake up! There is no legitimate business model that invents and defines it’s own mental disease (known to earthlings as “humanity”) and then conveniently produces and sells the cure for said invented mental disease. Why does any country such as Portugal give this criminal fraud refuge?

To be sensitive to the EOF disciples in their range of depressions, confusion and hopelessness, they are not to blame for finding false hope in Diego’s far-from-clinical  revelations. Jessica and Diego deliberately numb a person’s  logic and sensibilities with their verbal mind molestation. It’s not pretty, but it works time and again, and it covers the bills. The exception being if you factor in future legal bills, jail and fines. There is always a cold hard bed in less civilized countries reserved for those criminals who bring harm to many people in the quest to greedily fill their own pockets. Sometimes, they allow space for the accomplices as well. A warning to loved ones overseas…please do not engage in laundering money for them… A mastermind Diego certainly is not, particularly if we judge him by his ability to even speak ingles. He is blinded by narcissism and Jessica’s notoriously destructive advice. They want to be your captains…are you ready to board their sinking ship and bail them out with YOUR money?

When clients claim to finally understand Diego’s logic, that is probably not a good sign. Diego’s writings make no sense because they directly contradict healthy thinking and deceptively convince the reader that there is something wrong with them if they are not “getting it.”  His scam seems to define and package the gossamer threads of “normal” thinking, and then derail a person’s natural response, in order to tell them that that response is wrong…and then explain why they are wrong, and why they must have been “programmed” to think and feel a certain way…which perhaps Diego finds personally offensive in his superior intelligence. (Earthlings know this attitude as arrogance)

If you can discern what he is saying, Diego’s bunk infers that, if you have been conditioned in your human nature to feel anything at a social level, then you are weak and being controlled. If you are in love or in a relationship, Jessica may even want you to conclude that you are being controlled and abused. It gives Jessica and Diego an opportunity to isolate and influence you with what THEY feel to be right or wrong …and that giving them your money and following them blindly and obediently is most definitely RIGHT. They need your money to fund their vacation and inflate their sensitive egos. If Diego is correct that we are all sick, what on Earth is OK to think and what is it OK to feel? Wasn’t anybody born with a conscience of their own, or must we all subvert it to Diego’s wishes and “superior” knowledge? Don’t worry, it’s only a part of their act. The quickest way to your visa card is to use your own fear and insecurities against you. Oh, and they also accept PayPal for becoming your newest and bestest friends. Do they mention what sometimes becomes of your private information when you want to cancel your subscription or you decide to stop being their bestest friend?

Beware, this is a trap that if you don’t understand how you are being manipulated into it, it is difficult to find a way to defend against it, because either by design or manipulation, the logic always leads to a dead end. Keep in mind, they are not interested in your mental health, they are interested in your bank account. Let’s not be too hard on them, this was the most clever scam that they were able to come up with given the pressure of time and their limited talent and imaginations. They did not go from unicorn healers to your mental health counselors overnight but they gave it the old college try. And here is a great question: Why do people who are using Diego’s counselling appear to be losing their minds, including Jessica Schab herself?

Diego’s magical money generating “philosophy” is so confusing and contrary to normal thinking, that even Jessica Schab recently couldn’t explain it in terms that made any sense. In her recent speech at the faithtofaithless gathering, the panel’s sincere and intelligently stated concerns were blanched by the rotten fruit of the EOF’ half-baked promotion of their cure for their discovered or invented disease. Jessica was definitely out of place in that panel as she came hoping to  promote her “convenience partner’s” dream of enriching himself by programming people to be convinced that they are sick, abused, victims, and lost. Jessica and Diego are engaged in direct criminality and ethics violations the moment a mentally ill individual becomes ensnared in their web, and is subsequently denied medical care by trained and expert professionals…or wait, is this still for entertainment purposes? This scenario is not even speculative. This writer has witnessed such an event personally.

Fearless, and no time to remain silent.

As a matter of fact, as you’ll see in the documentary ” Living in Fear”, Jessica and Diego deflected my fiance away from emergency mental health care that was already scheduled and with funding at the ready. In her speech, Jessica mentions seeing such harmful consequences in Bali, and even mentions insane asylum’s, but continued with the lies that were corroding my fiance’s intelligent sensibilities. This caused her to lose her career, an irreplaceable relationship, her retirement savings, and more. They claimed they could use their energy to heal her via Skype and it would cost far less than the scheduled professional mental health treatment, only $2500 as a matter of fact. They even promised a package deal of two-for one which they immediately reneged on. If they were located in the United States, they would be jailed on charges for what they did to her and I in those months. She has led Steven to believe that they keep her as an emotional hostage yet today, and have an endless supply of lies and reasons why their exploitation of her is justified.

What do I know about this? Have you ever heard or noticed the fear-invoking word “abuse” in Jessica and Diego’s teachings? Have you ever heard the name Steven Sohlstrom mentioned in conversations around the EOF water cooler or You Tube Channels? I am the victim they continue to attempt to humiliate and lie about in their futile attempt to shut me up. The desperation of Jessica and Diego to evade accountability and bury the truth of what happened to us, even extends to the people who have worked to give our victimization a voice- the intrepid sisters of Sacred Radio. The eof has even attacked their families and the highly respected artist Willem De Ridder in their sophomoric attempts at censorship. The familiar smokescreen of “cyberbullying” is the hipocritical flag they fly in their quest of gaining sympathy for their cowardice. These innocent people have they attacked and slandered in the name of their own narcissism and inability to admit a mistake…their very reluctance to take accountability for what in some countries is deemed criminal. Their actions are now in the spotlight, and an accounting for their victims…whether it be one human, two, or everyone that wants to speak out for the pain they have caused.

Jessica and Diego were testing and developing their “new and improved”, less “harmful” business model on my fiance,  a woman conveniently invisible in the testimonials on their website, or is she? Their conquest of our relationship and her retirement savings began with the fabrication that we had an “abusive” relationship. The emotional harm that the lies brought to BOTH of us, and the FEAR it inflicted, manifested itself in inexcusable and unmentionable events. The lies surrounding what really happened to us are so hipocritical and shameful that they even suggest the direct opposite of our personal reality which is no one’s business but our own. They relentlessly and systematically imposed their will on us even as we both resisted. Public, be wary. Their mistake was never  acknowledged, no refunds were offered, the scale of their failure was epic…and it continued. It STILL continues. To protect their reputations, they still insist that this emotionally harmful, defamatory and fictitious insinuation that we had an “abusive” relationship is true. Even the other victim finally admitted it was made-up, but that was before they had her in their direct and unrelenting control. People from inside the EOF report that Jessica and Diego treated this victim as if they “owned” her. There has been an unrelenting campaign to restore her self esteem in the hope that she will find the strength to flee while she still can. They conveniently isolate her and hold her leash tightly knowing that she can easily corroborate the truth and debunk them. They have never allowed us to speak since she was lured away systematically, and I don’t even know what reality and truth is left in her mind concerning our own relationship.

EOF- “Why is love linked to violence, wherever there is love there is violence?” This quote came from a recent web promotion in Portugal and displays Jessica’s sick insistence on disrupting relationships with fear (which in our case DID evolve into outright violence apparently at Jessica’s manipulation!) They also insist that they are more NOT anything than anything…covering their bases because of all of the recent accusations, or maybe hoping the reader will be too distracted to notice they are also especially NOT qualified to be giving them counselling. “NOT a political movement, new lifestyle, a way to be more successful, a quick fix feel good motivational “solution”, an escape from problems, a religion, landmark, a sect, an ideological vision of existence, brainwashing, a spiritual school, NLP, Philosophy, a motivational tool, a hierarchical structure, a lucrative entity, an initiative, a sales pitch, aimed to teach, or to suggest any doctrine or rules of new identities ” EOF, what ARE you exactly, and what are you hiding? A shaman in Chicago named Patrick John Coleman gave interesting pause in his recent video, “What are you up to? Because you ‘re up to something I know….” refering to Jessica, “Oh she’s just jealous of Teal…”  *see the link below.

The insanity that they teach is apparently contagious, and my fiance’s behavior began to trend to their satisfaction. That result made me a repeated victim of domestic terror and violence, the most intense of which were both before and after their sessions. I know personally that she felt absolutely terrible for the emotional trauma and guilt they manipulated through her behavior as is evident in the document “Lissa’s Letter”. What were they doing to her exactly? Please read between the lines so I don’t have to spell it out and publicly shame the woman I love. They drove her mad with their claims of invisible lizard people and such nonsense, and refusal to allow her to follow her own conscience in their effort to define their own version of reality for her, a reality they thought suitable (to keep her obedient to them). This article may even give them far too much credit. They are certainly crooks, but are they also incredibly stupid? SHE IS NOT TO BLAME. They made her desperately sick and even threatened to withhold their “cure” if she didn’t set me to the curb. Remember, I was a direct witness to this. What they did to her not realizing anyone was observing was terribly cruel emotionally. It is not possible to put Diego’s nonsense into a healthy mind and not bring it harm. Look at Jessica’s speech if you are not convinced of that. If you’ve seen the film, you know a truth that directly contradicts their lies. A reminder…this is motivated by greed and in our case also ego. This went on so long with us that winning her submission became a matter of pride and control to them. They would not give up. They’ll never let her go now. (Have fun with that Jessica).

Why does this matter? Why has this struggle against her exploitation and my defamation been going on for years now? Their expectation that I will simply go forward in life accepting their public branding of me as an “abusive” person because it works for their “business model”… and be silent, voiceless, oppressed is beyond foolish. It is as ridiculous an expectation that I would stand by silently observing the harm that they went on to inflict on my fiance’s life. Throw in that I spent two months in jail on the false charges they manipulated from overseas, the harm my pain contributed to my life as a result, etc, etc…No way! Well world and EOF sympathizers, what are your personal expectations from these “unlicensed” counsellors perfectly willing to risk your own health and mental health to support a corrupt, deceptive, poorly envisioned and illegal “business” model. Are you willing to be their accomplices anymore?

It brings me no joy to write this. I have made many attempts to try to bring a constructive dialogue between myself and the EOF. I have pity and empathy for Jessica because she is clearly not well and some insiders see her as a victim herself. Even still, her behavior cannot be excused. As my friend Katie responded after seeing Jessica’s speech and being very familiar with our story: “It’s the blind leading the blind.” It’s a very hopeless reality that I’ve realized myself as they probably engage in continual “self manipulation” amongst themselves. Their silence, particularly in the men of the EOF shows an incredible cowardice. After the princess had burned through most of her 401k and made a break for the ideological prison wall nearly a year ago, Jessica even turned on her and called her “crazy”. I loved my fiance enough to defend her unconditionally. To the eof, has her visa or usefulness expired already?

“Jessica Shab: Why won’t Steven Sohlstrom stop (defending his honor, reputation, and other victims)?” There is little hope for the EOF of stopping this onslaught of truth until  they allow us to speak together at last to verify her safety, and bring an end to the public defamation and slander of my character. Remember Jessica, you wanted this.

The so called “Poisoned Princess” has now become a symbol for what can become of a cult when they squeeze too strongly to justify their quest to conquer the human will, and silence the voices of their victims. She has undoubtedly become the bane of Jessica and Diego’s existence and is at the center of their massive public relations failure. They probably wish they had left at least this one pair of serendipitous lovers alone and remained in the company of imagined Unicorns in Bali.


Tiger Claws out – Steven Sohlstrom




Jessica Schab and Diego Fontanive were given opportunity to speak but declined to comment for this article.


This disgusting person, Steve Andrews was a part of their exploitation plot and sucked away her 401k like a leech.

March 7, 2018 reaction to Steve Andrews from the “escaping a cult” blog…..


With all due respect to Melissa, who deserves the support of her family and loved ones effected by her absence in this moment, the role Steve Andrews played in Melissa’s exploitation cannot be ignored. If you understand the back story of Melissa and I put in simple terms, (and explained in the documentary “End of Fear”), the EOF Project intentionally and aggressively  destroyed a very special relationship in the  conquest of Melissa’s money and complete devotion. The process of finding her was way to Portugal was slow and methodical, and the issue directly concerning Steve Andrews was the “permanence” of her emotional exploitation. The emotional appearance that it was ” impossible” for her to go back was always a lie and a perfect “logical” tool for her continued exploitation. The tragic side of this is it kept us apart long enough for the “permanence” to take hold, and it is perfectly understandable that the victim under these circumstances would move on in life and be more or less oblivious to the fact that it was a very cruel manipulation. Nothing can be done about it now, hence “permanence”. Allowing us the time and space to come to terms with what happened to us is appropriate now more than ever. We both experienced very real emotional scars because of the EOF and the bottom line, it was NEITHER of our fault. It was my mission to love and forgive, and in contrast she was conditioned to hate and destroy. Night and day. It is understandably much harder for Melissa to work through this because I’ve experienced the horror of knowing it was “all about the cult” all along, and she is just beginning to examine and process it now, nearly 5 years later. I’m not yet convinced she’s yet free. She will possibly never be free thanks to Steve Andrews role in the EOF and the continuing process of making excuses and false justifications.

The intentional “permanence” was made possible in obvious stages. Stage one was that she needed to get back to the US because she had a plane ticket for Peru to use by late spring. When the plane ticket expired, she missed her opportunity to come home and escape the situation before greater exploitation could occur. The next and more obvious move was the visa wedding scheme. All of this happened within months of her leaving the US and is a critical element in terms of the duration and magnitude of the impact to her life. The ends don’t justify the means.

I know Melissa’s stance on lies of omission. Ignoring the “elephant in the room” damages Melissa’s credibility. Steve Andrews doesn’t even mention the visa wedding scheme. His main point seems to hypocritically paint Diego in the worst light possible (obviously from the cult playbook) and furthers the suspicion that they were all willing participants in this fiasco. (Which by the way, appeared utterly ridiculous to outsiders) I submit that Melissa might appear to have been a willing participant, but how willing are you if you have are being lied to, misled, and manipulated? If you see no obvious way out, or realize the urgency to get out while you can? The sin of Steve Andrews is that he in no way acted in Melissa’s best interest in taking advantage of her and effectively entrapping her in the situation which ultimately drained her of her life savings and far more. The are many people still grieving Melissa’s absence.

So what now? Obviously, there is sort of a misguided attempt at reclaiming a share of dignity and expressing anger and frustration….at losing some money. Is that really all? It’s a little point of irony that the one common denominator throughout this chaos and destruction of lives, careers, and  reputations has been Melissa. Even I can see the humor in that. They got exactly what they deserved. The omission of the emotional atrocity of how she ended up in Portugal undermines the credibility of the meaning of the words “escaping a cult”, and relegates it to benign criticism. Escaping a cult involves being all-in and not meerly one foot out the door.



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The EOF’s fight to silence Steve/nMelissa which, even beyond their broken relationship, has become a symbol for perseverance, truth, love and human value. CLICK ME 🙂

Dear, if you need to reach me in an emergency, you can find my phone number embedded in the website but you need to follow the clues for how to find it. I hope you are safe and well. Its been about two years now since I have seen your fb page. I don’t watch your propaganda or attack films dear, sorry. I watched “It’s All About the Cult” in Sept 2014. The stench of Diego’s alcohol breath about the compound must give you a horrid sting of betrayal. Honey, for you to ever get away from them, please recognize and think about all of the delusions and false hope that they string you along with…publication, Peru, Verzy, the visa, vengeance, all has resulted in failure and cost you…not them. Is it teaching their fake “college” courses next? How many lies is it going to take? Please be safe and come home soon.

A Google search finds Diego and I to be practically interchangeable. That’s what you call a much deserved EOF public relations fail and a result of their slanderous smear campaign.


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