Mississippi Ice Photos


As seen on www.WJON.com. These photographs were taken around 5pm on March 17.  By midnight that evening the ice sheet, which was about a half-mile long,  had slipped past the bridge footings. (Update: The truth is, this was a fairly dangerous photo-shoot. I was in the midst of these icy waters and perched on this ice ledge when I realized that if the ice were to snap forward through the bridge footings, all of the pressure of a half-mile long ice flow could spring  forward at a speed that might overcome my kayak…


Thankyou Paper Collector Art Gallery and everyone who came to the exhibit tonight. It was a lot of fun!  I really appreciated meeting the fun people who came to see my work, and the storys we shared while studying the photos that overlook our great city. The experience was very cool. Thanks again, Steve

Flight Flash Media Content Link


           A special thanks to Modern Steel Construction magazine for including a link to the film Desoto Bridge to Granite City Crossing on the home page of their March 2010 issue. The film posted on Youtube last October will surpass 500 views this week. Congratulations to our home town of St.Cloud, Mn and the Granite City Crossing bridge project for the national recognition in this issue!  http://www.modernsteel.com/SteelInTheNews/?p=318 

If you missed the link in early March, you can go straight to the video on YouTube by clicking on this link >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVLuIwnPORM

Simber Read please with your calm eye…remember your Sleepy Bunny.


Do you remember as we began drive to your parents for Christmas you asked me a question, “Why did you just call me Melissa?” Do you remember what it meant for you to say that? During this note eventually I want you to be able to understand that maybe the sum of why all of this is happening is to make un indellible mark of your esteem and personal empowerement. Someone made some pretty extreme sacrifices in a great and blinding storm to make sure you were safe and never abandoned throughout this mystery of why exactly you vanished. I had very good reason to be fearful for you dear. Look at how they’ve broken your life now and you could be completely out of money before you know it. Remember how the only time you ever were ever able to climb out of debt again was when we were together. We were very blessed with our combined positive energy.

I don’t know what to say àbout the “letter” you posted at the bottom of the attack video. You need to know something very real first, it is on extremely rare occasion I see or hear your words. I do not watch your videos. If you assume I have been following you i haven’t. People do not pass messages or warnings from you to me. Do you realize how incredibly unfair it is to attack and characterize me like you do when I don’t have a clue what’s happening to you…remember an important part of the equation is always communication. Dear, and then to come suddenly face to face with what you wrote about me this week, how can I possibly conclude anything other than what I’ve said all along? It’s just like the weird note you sent me a year and a half ago…there’s no reality in what you write…how do I take it seriously…someone is in your head very very obviously. It is not your fault and I forgive you. How are either of us to blame for the confusion they caused deliberately to hurt our relationship to steal from you…far more than just money.

So babe, what do you really want? Its not worth the risk for me to attempt to contact you….you’ve already been reminded 100 …or 600 times that you are empowered to resolve this with me. Need I remind you that this has been a very slow cooked egg and the yolk has flipped numerous times. Remember it began with you dissappearing from the country under the impression you were all-but taken against your will. Dear, if you disagree to that fact then why shouldn’t we talk about it?…especially now 2 years later when now our love story has been elevated to a legendary status….dear, that is a great testement to not just you, but both of us. If you remember when we declared that with us it was indeed true love, one of the many factors that defined our relationship, was the perfect coming together of our stories…the much deserved end of false love and abandonment…we could finally be secure in an enduring and maturing love. That’s how even so far apart…our story has remained perfect in the golden egg it hatched. Proof that it was absolutely true. That is exactly why the EF is terrified of our story and squeeze you tighter and tighter. Please be careful.

I fear you may be very upset and regretful that you were stripped away and maybe blame me. We can talk about that too. You have no need for regret because you have always been perfectly forgiven. I don’t believe that you were permitted by Jessica to read my mail. Nearly every letter said that from the beginning.

Dear, please see the twisted logic in how any of this is possible to end when you keep churning out lies and hate when from here I have only sent love… believe it or not even in the great video that was intended to protect you from their further harm.

I was told last week that you tried to get away, and I know that is practically impossible…why? You were never able to even when I was still at your side. You need to stop believing in them and come home again….or we should talk about ending us somehow. I can never write a letter like this without sensing you will be back…and this nightmare will be over in the blink of an eye.

Honey, here is my phone number if you need to call me 241.0573.

Am I really alone in sensing that or do you sense it too like everything we always felt together?

Please dear, you have to let your anger go if we are ever to resolve this. Ill try to adress as much as I can in the radio interview. Ay’t?

Ill try to stay on Skype tomorrow so we can talk.