Weather Study

After a brief downburst of rain in St.Cloud today, I sent the HD plane up for a look. The saturated clouds were peppered with sunshine and began to drop even heavier rain as they traveled North and to the East. Since the rain had passed, the skys were momentarily clear and dry for the plane. This view is looking South and West at the clouds trailing the little storm. Thank you for posting this weather photo.

Interestingly, this storm was traveling such a fine line all day, that it was pouring rain downtown in each time a cloudburst passed, but two miles away where I flew to take pictures, the ground was perfectly dry…for three individual downpours.

Flight Flash will strive for photographic coverage of severe weather from the air and from the ground this season. Check out this video from last summer of a shelf cloud passing over Fort Ripley, Mn on June 18, 2009: