Investigation Continues…

Central Minnesota and the rest of the state took notice today as investigators converged on the scene of the Rassier farm in St. Joseph. Even under a court order of secrecy, it was not hard for the public to make the connection that today’s investigation was related to the dissappearance of Jacob Wetterling in 1989.  This photograph, taken in the absence of news helicopters, shows the relation of the farm (far left) to the rest of the city. Jacob was last seen at the driveway of this farm.

This image by Flight Flash’s Radio Pilot News Service for

Buffalo Storm Spotting


First moments of tornado formed in Buffalo, Mn today.

A weak tornado formed in Buffalo, Mn today…As the sky filled with dangerous weather, I was watching the radar being a lookout for the safety of our employees…can’t believe this tornado had the nerve to finally form directly overhead, and then reach for the ground just across the Hwy. This after I had been reassuring our team that a dangerous storm threat in our area was very low at the time. That was more-or-less true, but minutes later I was on the phone with 911 as a spotter, warning that touchdown seemed imminent in the area of Hwy’s 55 and 25 (lake Pulaski) .  Search youtube for folks that were shooting with real cameras…Sorry, I was at work at the time and only had my cellphone cam.


Overnight Thunder


 These weather photos were taken early Sunday morning in St.Cloud as a small thunderstorm blew past. They are enhanced to show detail. The top photograph captures rain and hail in descent, and the lower photograph captures a small amount of rain and lightning together. These are ground shots, not aerial.


Read an interesting story about lightning photography in the archives:

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