Searching For Clues After Friday Storm In Rice

Flight Flash launched the HD plane in Rice on Wednesday at the farm of Jerome and Char Warzecha to look at damage caused by a severe storm that rumbled through last Friday producing winds approaching 100mph. The purpose of the flight was to document excessive storm damage to the barn roof, silo, and pole shed, but also to look in neighboring fields for possible evidence of a tornado touchdown that might help to explain the damage.

 Interestingly, the flights did reveal some clues that might indicate the touchdown of a gustnado or moderate funnel cloud during the storm.

Next to the farm in a hayfield, scarring to the ground is noted, and a mile to the West, a patch of ground is significantly flattened along the same line leading up to and beside the farm. 

Further study of the findings will be conducted…stay tuned.

Update: A ground level examination of the “vegetation” revealed that the plants in the above photo are a cornfield. The corn was indeed flattened to the ground in this storm! The flattened corn revealed no pattern of a circular wind force, however.