Mynah Bird Flies Again

Two years ago this weekend the Mynah Bird was designed and created for the purpose of capturing a forward looking HD motion picture view. It carried a relatively heavy camera payload with a very wide 16×9 angle lense. After a lengthy process of adjustments it eventually took to the sky but was later grounded due to the risks of carrying such a heavy and expensive camera in a forward looking configuation…Today, after two years, the aircraft returned to the sky again to resume it’s mission after being modified to carry a lighter and less expensive HD motion picture cam. By the third test-flight today, balance and trim were dialed in to a degree where the airplane could navigate through the air comfortably. Additional tests and improvements are forthcoming.

Landing approach today: YOUTUBE
A test flight with 16×9 lense two years ago: YOUTUBE
Read more about the history of this aircraft:

A wide angle lense was added to the camera rig today (March 28) and additional test flights were conducted: YOUTUBE

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