Snow On April 20 In St. Cloud

The Mynah Bird HD2 went to work early today after an unusual, late-April Snowfall in St. Cloud that amounted to a beautiful Spring morning. The calm sky revealed a fluffy, bleach-white snow that covered nearly everything, and allowed for a crisp HD video image in the low-light minutes just after daybreak. Even at extremely low altitudes, the Mynah Bird found small clouds drifting between it and the Mississippi River, as the cold and humid air created a varied and low cloud cieling. In the light snowfall, the taps of impacting snow and ice on the camera lense sent a crackle through the aircraft’s sound recorder. 

By noon today, most of this snow coverage had completely melted, and the land appeared as normal for an April day in Central Minnesota: with green grass awaking to the sun as though nothing had even happened. Yet, only hours before, the inches of white fluff sucked the MBHD2 beneath a wintry cover of snow, even after a nearly perfect landing approach. 

To view a flight video from this morning, click this link to Youtube >> << Special thanks to for forwarding this coverage. View a special news presentation of this event from the Radio Pilot News Service  here >> The image posted above is a frame grab from the HD video of The Mynah Bird HD2, or on assignment known as “Sky Flash One”.

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