Approaching Storm Over St.Cloud

As seen on The sky was an intriguing blend of calm air and sunshine on the East side of this small approaching storm today, so I knew it would be a great opportunity to send the plane up hoping to catch a new aerial weather image. Although expecting turbulent downdrafts at any moment to bring my flight to an end, suprisingly, I was able to continue flying in relatively calm skies until only moments before the storm arrived. (North Jr. High is in the center-left foreground)

Yes, I fight crime and fly.Why doesn’t Steven more readily go on the defensive to address some of the defamation more aggressively? If you follow the dynamics of the story, compare it to a surgeon trying to remove a tumor from a human heart. She is being used as a weapon and human shield. Steven is doing his best to defend Melissa and build her self esteem and empowerment in the midst of these extraordinary circumstances. I wouldn’t be speaking about any of our private business if the eof hadn’t made the public attacks. The violence issue is not a he said-she said at all. There is plenty of video evidence to prove it. I documented it for my own legal protection. Revealing some of the what I’m hiding to protect her (including her identity) would be utterly devestating to her. Basicly, she’d experience what the eof has done to me which I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Keep in mind, she is also a victim and not to blame.

It takes two to fight. Even when we were together when things suddenly became highly unusual after months of harmony, I refused to fight with her. Not even her parents could understand what was wrong. It’s not like she was able to openly express it to me. We never had anything to fight about that was evident to me, the conflict stemmed from her secret world with Jessica and Diego where their predatory opportunity was very easy to see. Is she free now? Think about it. Their motives are plainly on the table.

This is where it is so blatently clear that Jessica has no concern for Melissa’s well being because she feels that assigning blame to someone other than herself gets her off the hook. I hope this abuse of Melissa is as plain for the public to see. As stated in the film they were relentless about this, even though neither of us were to blame for anything…and they knew I was safeguarding Melissa’s well being at her own direction. Jessica’s promise for the $2,500 was to heal her, not create a festering scar of selfish opportunism.

Now, with the truth coming out, Jessica is toast…and I would suggest not being within arm’s reach of Melissa WHEN she figures everything out. I think we both agree that she is a very intelligent woman. That is the point of her isolaton and control isn’t it: to prevent her from finding knowlege beyind the lies, making an informed decision, and from having a healthy self esteem? That was the point of the lies to scare her, that I’m alcoholic for instance (honey, you’re not gonna like this one, I’m not an alcoholic any more than you would be)

Now the last thing Jessica wants Melissa to discover is that she and Diego, not Steven are responsible for possibly the greatest heartbreak in her life, all of the tears and anguish, (the motive : more than just money) and the last thing she’ll ever want is for her to know Steven was waiting faithfully for her to come back home all of this time (why else would she be encouraged not to read the emails?)….even the court and the State of Minnesota gave us that unlikely miracle, the second chance that we were still free to be together. That just doesn’t happen every day. Serendipity as we already claimed together. “Meant to be” was what one of my counsellors said that was helping me process the destruction that the eof inflicted on me personally. Noble and heroic others have said. It is an extremely delicate situation and the object is to help Melissa make it back home safe. Im doing the very minimum I can. I’m only telling the truth.

I’m sure it is clear that I fight this with practically both arms tied behind my back. I am even giving a pass to Melissa for now if she could have done something to prevent all of this (such as communication). It is almost like this is a game for them. I am intimidated to even go to the police to make a report of the eof’s ongoing crimes, and even a formal complaint against the officer who arrested me. The complaint could amount to a criminal charge on eof for witness (victim) intimidation, on top of making false statements to police (a felony) and using the legal system for a private vendetta. Those are just the criminal charges. They are open to be all-but fillet’d in civil court for the character assasination which is as plentiful as a rotten buffet, and they are very mistaken if they think what they are doing is legal…just pretend I didn’t try to warn you Diego. I’ve never imagined a more stupid and deluded group of people and in a phrase that I learned from Melissa, are really drinking a little too much of their own cool-aid. How apropos when speaking of a cult.

It isn’t Valentine’s Day anymore, and the next broadcast should be very interesting.

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