Hi Melissa,

I couldn’t help but notice you followed me on FB this week. Are you OK? I am happy that you at least tried to understand who I really am. There is absolutely nothing wrong with us being friends and you are welcome anytime as long as you come with good intentions. I really wish we could break down this artificial wall once and for all because it may be preventing us from understanding what good came from our experience.

The last 2 months of my life have been very interesting and wonderful to say the least. I don’t think you could see clues because I’ve posted to friends only. I’d love to share with you what I have experienced but it is very personal so you are actually certified to hear it because I tell you everything. In layers.

Hoversled is also going so well. The 2018 prototype is another breakthrough just as the 2017 model was a major leap forward. There is almost everything in place to make it a major success. I could us my kickstarter account about now. I think we are ready for a million dollar campaign. I am very serious. Can you help?

I think I am off through Monday…might be longer. I don’t really need to work right now. Sunday is booked but that doesn’t mean you can’t be included, rather it would be encouraged.

I hope you are OK. I don’t know how exactly to get this note to you but I will try. I never intentionally ignore you, so if I don’t respond promptly, I didn’t get the message or haven’t found it for whatever reason. My daily email isĀ