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    Jessica Schab and Diego Fontanive’s manipulative and toxic EOF

Is this finally the begining of the end for the twisted and manipulative cult, Jessica Schab and Diego Fontanive’s EOF? I am going to summarize briefly some of the topics I plan to discuss on the radio program and why this is such an important story. I encourage everyone who has a stake in this to listen, particularly eof members who may want to stop endorsing the reckless activities of Jessica and Diego who use fear as a form of control and even censorship (they disguise their censorship attempts with an interesting term= cyber bullying) Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming level of support and empathy for our story now coming from around the world. With typical irony, our story will be broadcast on Valentine’s Day, 2016. It is certain to be a controversial and heart-wrenching program.

See the latest: Clip from the third live broadcast and recent statement by Steven from 4.12.16 and part of my reaction to Jessica’s address at the faithtofaithless conference https://flightflash.com/2009/11/09/chasing-unicorns-and-the-mental-health-profession/

The eof became a bit riled up when they heard I would be doing this interview and understandably so. They do not want our voice to be heard. I’ve predicted all along that the story of what they did to Melissa and I would rattle the foundation of the eof to rubble. To that end, I produced a documentary about it. Of course the great irony of this, is that for Melissa’s sake, I hoped my film would never see the light of day! It is certainly not an attack on her, but important to tell the truth, and reveal their very intentional and brutal result…my physical abuse…her emotional and financial ruin, and the continuing exploitation of my fiance. Trying my best to delicately encourage her to come back home (and before she finally loses everything), they viciously turned her into a weapon against me with truly horrific result. I love and forgive her for what happened and know she is not to blame. I don’t insist on calling her my fiance because I’m deluded or crazy…it is a show of resistance for what they stole of her dignity by relentlessly giving her no choice in the matter of our togetherness. I was an eyewitness and that is an absolute and very despicable fact. I fight this for her. That is an energy I will hold onto for her until she has the energy to fight them again on her own. This is more than just a lovestory. None of this happened over night and continues to evolve in its mystery and complexity. Everything I’ve learned little by little about the eof and their exploitation of Melissa completely reinforces the information in my film.

Practically inseperable – Steve/nMelissa

I’d certainly be willing to bet there will be one person in Europe who will be banned by the eof from listening to this very important broadcast and that is Melissa herself. It is still a huge mystery if she understands what is really going on because she appears to be very strictly controlled. Conversely, she has kept her fiance in fear by leaving such a murky and twisted trail. Insiders of the eof said that they acted as if they owned her. “Poor dear” 🙁 was my response. I have never been able to speak with her since she dissappeared 2 years ago. She is now caught in the middle of a literal fight of good against evil.

Why is this even a public spectacle to begin with? That is a good question and it certainly didn’t begin with me. This true story would borderline on insane and rediculous if there weren’t such an important problem it underscores….It became public sparring when the eof became threatened that our story would be told. The story was just as traumatic, rediculous and maddening to start with, now it is just documented in its full range of lies, insanity, isolation and truth. Neither side seems willing to budge. It is quite possible only Melissa herself can bridge the peace if there can ever be any. The ego’s of Jessica and Diego just might not be ready for that even though time is clearly of the essence.

Would the eof ever go quietly? It was the eof’s insistence on very public and slanderous attacks that prompted me to drop this bombshell exposé well over a year after their video attacks began. Their first video attack caused me to have a pretty serious emotional breakdown. The stage was set for this by the very recent and relentless emotional trauma we both went through. They had the opportunity to kick me when I was still down. Knowing that, they produced even more attacks. Only months ago, I finally revealed the film “Living in Fear” so my friends and family could better understand what was going on. After a few days, I hid it away again and tried to focus on life…then I discovered that Melissa or an imposter was hacking into my facebook circle and working to destroy my life again…even after extensive efforts to negotiate for peace. I think they are pissed that the false statements they made to police from overseas to have me arrested resulted in my unlawful persecution and martyrdom. Even Melissa describes it this way. It was a poorly disguised attack to retaliate and silence this film.

Schab: the queen manipulator of what Melissa calls a “buisiness”

Who is more motivated than I to want peace?? What I went through was a pretty frightening and courageous event, but I seem to always have God and karma on my side. The false charges were DISMISSED without barely even putting up a fight. My lawyer and I, a beautiful and very pregnant young woman, never had any intention of ever backing down and the prosecution got rediculously desperate. They actually and laughably offered for me to pick any crime I wanted to choose and just plead guilty to it! Believe it! There is something very off about how the law works in our county. (Melissa can even attest to that by what occured in the expensive lawsuit which Jessica triggered and she lost.) The judge was already on our side and we knew it. Who but an exploited and controlled person would attempt to send their fiance to prison because its too much trouble to delete the love letters in her spam folder, and after freaking him out that she’d been abducted by a cult? The letters, which she claimed to have never read, were a very beautiful, epic and loving effort to protect her that lasted a whole year as the story evolved. The police work was very negligent in its lack of investigating the true nature of what was going on, and further enabled the very serious victimization of our dear ex-pat who was slipping even deeper into their intoxicating sleep. That inexcusable recklessness put us both in physical danger and if you understand my honey like I do, she’s still at an extreme level of risk. Anyone who claims to know or love her should be encouraging her to come.

From overseas and out of reach of legal accountability, the eof tried to silence this story. It might have worked but even after what was suffered, they wouldn’t leave me alone. They seem to forget that this story isn’t about me, it is about what they did to us.

Try not to laugh at the EOF too hard about this. I couldn’t afford bail and spent TWO MONTHS in jail and obviously innocent of everything but excercizing the first ammendment making a film in an effort to protect Melissa. The timing of the whole event was very obviously retaliatory. A month out of jail, I had an offer to go on the Discovery Science Channel with my invention for a “Shark Tank” style show filming in Brooklyn. She would have loved that, our favorite show was “Shark Tank” but I suspected the eof had kept a minefield waiting for my return…and boy was I right about that! The defamatory attacks were interfering with my ability to even live life.

I couldn’t just ignore their aggression anymore. I had to take action again to defend myself. It was even more insidious now than ever. Their emotionally devestating harrasment, now hidden within my direct social circle and which Melissa openly stated was intended to entrap me and send me to prison. Now I live in fear, even opening my facebook page causes me great anxiety. Babe, how could you be that way? Really? Did you forget how much I meant to you? You can’t imagine how scary that was, and I had no idea how to protect myself because I refused to show anything but public support for Melissa. An interesting fact is that in order to protect myself from their very insideous cruelty (calling me “abusive” for instance), I have steered as clear as I can of their social media since 10/2014. The fact is, her claims of violence are completely untrue and it presents an extrememly delicate situation if it has been made real by brainwashing in her mind. I have no way to know until we are finally able to speak, which may be the simplest way to for us to move on, and they relentlessly prevent it. I believe they revel in the control and cruelty this inflicts on both of us. In the long run, that could be a big mistake because they have their back turned to one tiger as they taunt the other. Anyone can see what is about to come. I am fearful for just how much damage they have done. This is a moment I wish I could just reach out with a hug and make everything ok. The eof is an incredibly hipocritical and slippery snake and it is extremely hard for me to have any pity on them. They have hurt many many people. Even Melissa has begun to acknowlege that. Empower yourself dear!

Coming soon: “Living in Fear” is not just a telling of this real-life horror story, but a dire warning for couples anywhere. According to their plan and insatiable egos, our relationship stood very little chance of surviving Jessica and Diego. I’ll explain more about the lingering lies and echoes of what they did to accomplish this, and how it still manifests itself today in their smear campaign.

So now the film…on blast….and the eof’s attempts at censorship…AGAIN! Jessica and Diego have even stooped to the level of trying to harass and defame the lovely and intrepid sisters of Sacred Radio (Janaki and Debra), and even the legendary Willem De Ridder himself when it came to light they were going to share the story of Melissa and I. They greased the wheel of censorship and intimidation again in order to bury the story of two lovers victimized by the greedy eof. The hipocracy of their thinking is disturbing and they might need to reveal Diego’s arrest record in Italy before they go too far . What does that reveal about their general attitude toward’s enlightenment? Oppression is the middle road? I’ll talk about their original attempt to silence the film which resulted in a  huge embarassment for the eof….the dismissal of criminal charges that they brought from over seas a year after Melissa dissappeared. Ouch, the EOF really volunteers to bring that up?…especially when Melissa was given editorial approval of our story but they chose immediate retaliation instead…embarrassment…epic fail…again. On the plus side, they elevated our lovestory to epic status as well. From behind the steel doors, I defended her the whole time because I know how intensely they are manipulating her. I experienced the nightmare of it with her while I was still in her arms. I still don’t know what is going on with her because we are not allowed by the eof to communicate. I assume she is kept in the dark that I was ever reaching out to her in peace. I have no way of knowing. We can also talk about the emotionally destructive manipulation technique of “gaslighting” which is how they were able to substitute our truly gentle, sincere and commited love with the relentless insistence that we had an ” abusive relationship”, and when she resisted that, they told her that we weren’t in a relationship at all. Remember, they didn’t do this to help her, but to defraud her of a lot of money. If you expect that this would not deeply effect anyone and leave intense emotional scarring, trust me, you don’t ever want to ever go there…this was not the right thing to do to a couple as perfectly in love and committed to marriage as we were. By December I was so supportive of our effort to get them off our back, that I had resolved to move anywhere in the country with her to be supportive of her career…and was even willing to sacrifice my dream of sailing for her. Drinking had even been non-existant in our relationship for over two months (we both drank socially- I drank to isolate myself when the physical abuse became too much. [ that is something for her sake I never wanted to make public – I don’t blame her knowing that they were intentionally driving her to it with what they were telling her. I know this because the worst of the unexplained  violence would come immediately after she’d spoken of or with them ] That was a brief phase we succesfully resolved as a growing couple) We were a loving, proactive and limitless couple when they weren’t successful in jamming our channels of communication. Melissa never would have chosen the road of emotional oppression and financial ruin if she had been allowed to know the truth instead of being relentlessly force fed lies. She had a wonderful life ahead. We were still growing as a couple 8 months into our relationship and it was driving them crazy.

In some countries it is a punishable crime to be a cult leader : “The bill states that an abusive cult is “a group of people, incorporated or not, who unite around a person or idea in a way that takes advantage of a relationship of dependence or authority or of emotional distress of one or more members by using methods of control through thought processes and behavioral patterns and acts in an organized, systematic and sustained pattern while committing crimes according to Israeli law.” * see link below.

Don’t be fooled. I have absolutely no fight with Melissa and never have. I am on  Melissa’s side and have been defending her at every step. I’ll talk precisely why this is, give more details of our absolutely perfect and loving relationship. Get ready for a few eye openers…would your boyfriend watch “Dance Moms” with you? I held her hand and supported her through one of the worst summers of her life…all thanks to Jessica Schab’s destructive and expensive lunacy. You may ask yourself the question…why won’t Jessica empower Melissa to speak? The answer is simple…what happened in the film really happened. It is not made up at all and our story is very dangerous to them. Remember the addage: keep your friends close, and your enemies closer?…now my honey is dangerously both. They are beginning to squeeze a little too tight now and the truth is oozing out regardless of how many people they threaten or lies they spin to try to justify her exploitation. They are desperately working to bury the truth and it is never going to suceed. Jessica Schab, what would Teal Swan do? I’m sure Teal is enjoying ever minute of this public calling to accountability.

The unsustainable fantasy they have sucked her into with very destructive lies had nothing to do with our actual relationship. We may be Steve’nMelissa, only confused and apart.


This leads to another very satisfying irony…Melissa’s story is begining to outshine Jessica and Diego, and she is becoming known for her role as the poisoned princess in this tragic love story. This gives her the opportunity to embrace some new empowerment…a new opportunity to choose good over evil. Her story created a true hero. It was one thing to throw an evil cult into our very comitted relationship, but how many guys would have valued her enough to follow her into this inferno? We’re in too deep now and it’s necessary to stay the course. Is there hidden mythology in her moniker: wakeme(lissa)… I’ve asked her a dozen times. Her and I are writers and the literary ironies are too thick to even cut with a steak knife from Dino’s. Tiger claws out…the hope has always been that she would regain her personal empowerment and freedom in time and it’s not too late. The eof will soon fade into obscurity after they spend every last penny, but our story can never be taken away from her. Even if her and I never see each other or speak again, eventually she will know this, if the truth isn’t eating away at her shackles already.

Flying into rainbows out at the Ranch

The interview will also reveal some blatent inconsistencies with the “integrity” of the eof’s smear campaigns…primarily that they ride broadly into defamation with clearly malicious intent to mischaracterize Steven (presenting unrefined public documents don’t get then off the hook for libel either), and they are not helpless or incomunicado. The very suggestion that Steven has any kind of history of violence or ever lifted a hand to the woman he continually doted on (Melissa) is such a backward and shameful lie, I would even say to my friends whom I encourage to support her in my absence – do not tolerate this. It is actually enabling the EOF to harm her further. Any media I have on the interweb is present mainly to defend from their attacks…and that the olive branch has ALWAYS been extended to them to resolve this…the deal breaker may be that the non-negotiable for me is Melissa’s empowerment and freedom to communicate…and resolve our situation. That is where Jessica and Diego seem to draw the line…that’s too much to risk?..really? It demonstrates their disregard for her emotional health and that they don’t want to risk losing their threadbare play thing.

Have you been swept up in the lie that they have no control to make this “stop” ?Jessica has my email. I don’t bite. I guarantee that the eof not only began all of this, but continues to escalate it as they exploit Melissa herself as a very brutal weapon and human shield. The EOF cries a victim when they have complete empowerment to diplomacy. Melissa needs to be empowered, because what we do with the film is a decision between her and I alone. We are the victims, and as long as we are still being victimized…the film stays on blast. Somehow they are ok with this. Yes, they seem crazy to me as well with their kamamaze tendencies. Evil truly does exist. Crime by nature is the willingness to bring harm to people for selfish personal gain. The eof flaunts this criminality as if the public can’t see through it.

“A note from Melissa”: on the bottom of Jessica’s new attack video…that descibes how horrible Steven; the author, sailor, award-winning filmmaker, gentle film comedian, linguist, inventor, aerial photographer, people person and humanitarian really is! That all of his psychotic and abusive tendencies supposedly keep him continually jailed to protect the public… I personally haven’t seen or heard scarcely a peep from Melissa in a year and a half…are we really still at square one with this???  How many red flags can this “letter” possibly hoist that scream how desperately she is being controlled. My genuine reaction to seeing this kind of propaganda is this: I know it is all a bold face lie,  and to me it is a cry for help. Something is definitely wrong. It is that fear and anger they use so effectively against her…the way they isolate her insisting she is a perpetually disempowered  victim. I know your strengths and you are an immensely smart and valued person, honey. It is time to come home babe!

To have someone who planned on spending her life with you suddenly turned into a cult spearhead with open intention to destroy your life is beyond comprehension. I loved this girl immeasurably and she insisted she loved me more! It feels like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when Indy is hypnotized into trying to hurt Kate Capshaw and Shortround. How in the world can you make the nightmare end? How can she be awakened or escape? I explained it to a friend this way: If she innocently steps onto the sidewalk, they can ALWAYS get her to cross the street. I’ve tried to relay that the ONLY way she will ever be able to get away from them is to cut off ALL communication  and flee never looking back. I know she tried to break from them last summer and it didn’t work. They sucked her back in. These people are dangerous to her- I know from experience first hand. They also force her to continually identify herself as a victim, a lost person, and that draws opportunists and predators to her, like the hoary brit and an impotent drug dealer from Fargo, North Dakota that she was having problems with. Remember, Melissa had only intended to be gone on a trip to Sweden for two weeks. She didn’t even take her wallet from her room when she left. She has been gone now three years.



EOF Convenience Partner – this sort of exploitation is part of what defines the eof as a cult.



For persons wanting a little more proof that the plan was to convince Melissa that she had “an abusive relationship”, I just discovered this video in which Jessica appears to be obsessed with her own history of abusive relationships…and also appears highly unqualfied to be giving unlicensed counseling. Look for my comment in the comment section: Jessica’s Speech on Youtube

In Melissa’s own words from a heartbreaking public post which I have only just seen recently ;  “Now that seems like a pipe dream. From what I understand of the EOF after 19 months of involvement with it, we start to form psychological pictures around ourselves and others, and we can drown in the pictures we have because they can prime our expectations and separate us from a comprehensive understanding of what it is we are seeing. I find it frustrating that the pleasure and excitement I had about eof, turns to bitterness if it doesn’t manifest a certain way.” For saying this, Jessica turned on her with the same cruel retribution that she wages on her broken and disillusioned subjects throughout her imaginary kingdom. Diego does likewise from whatever planet he claims to be from this week. Does anyone else see the pattern? FEAR.

In contrast, I also have a note from her called “Lissa’s letter” that perhaps we can compare. In the letter, written just before they dug their talons so deeply into her, she describes me as the best thing to ever happen to her, perfect in her eyes and incapable of doing anything wrong. I was her gentle puppy and sleepy bunny. Jessica and Diego have made her to believe I am a violent sociopath. Oh what a difference $2500 makes! She wrote that she’s burned through another $25,000 in the scam to get the worthless british visa and doesn’t have much money left. It’s all about the cult – remember the dire warning to her family? Her own family loved me (yes me, the alcoholic sociopath) and supported us being reunited long after she ran away! Even they knew of the hairbrain visa plot. Our relationship had the exact opposite effect on her money as we focused on entrepreneurship, asset building and sustainability. Jessica and Diego interupted what would have been a windfall for us on our stock picks which doubled in three months by February 2014 thanks to TESLA and our favorite coffee machine Keurig. Together we were blessed with continual sunbeams. We would have made $5000 in 3 months, perfect for our goal of traveling to Peru together, building a tiny house, going back to college together, or buying a business. Instead, we gave our cash to her parents to keep it from making Melissa a target of the money hungry eof.

Steve/n, the gentle man Melissa called her puppy. What the EOF called him to coax away her money and freedom is practically unforgivable.

Her retirement and life savings may be all-but gone, but she won’t have to worry about money if we write the book together. Imagine what attention that book tour would bring! What an epic love story we’ve suffered through. Melissa did not have a vicious bone in her body when we were a couple. My fiance was truly a completed person when I knew her. I’ll talk about the final hours we spent together with her family before she dissappeared. We were an amazing couple, serindipitously compatable she would say of her gentle and true love. Public here is your cue to throw up again: they intentionally and relentlessly destroyed this to feed their egos and steal her money, even while Melissa herself tried to tell them that we were very attached. On our drive to South Dakota at Christmastime, in the 8th month of our seemingly unbreakable togetherness, Melissa had the realization suddenly that we were going to need some more names for our kids because she wanted a boy. It had taken us weeks to come up with the perfect and special name we intended for a daughter; Maroo. We spent the day with her parents, sending up the plane and viewing our aerial photos, and Melissa performing music on her piano, her dad said that this was the best Christmas he had. He was so blessed to see his very special daughter happy at last. Being all but alone in the world, Melissa renewed our commitment to be together. My intention was to officially propose to her on New Years Eve.

Another Red Flag: If Jessica continually rejects the olive branch and any attempts at diplomacy, why do we see this at the bottom of an attack video: “Jessica Schab: Why won’t Steven Sohlstrom stop?” Is  Melissa being played? Lied to? Does she really not know we communicate with Jessica?…is she deliberately kept in the dark and away from empowerment and resolution? Of course she is. She’s in a cult. Not to mention what a stupid question to ask on an attack video to the person you are attacking??? Even the wording calling me an informant is a cleverly desguised attempt to have me hurt or killed. I generally live in real fear of their campaign to destroy me. They have a faulty pattern of logic in their attacks in general…in their smear campaign, how do you possibly blame one victim as your justification for further victimizing another? Steven Sohlstrom is a sociopath…therefore our exploitation of and cleaning out the bank account of Melissa is perfectly justified!….not to mention what they stole of her human dignity. How do they trace a connection? That is pure insanity. At least they draw more and more attention to my film by doing it…and btw, they are civily accountable for the defamation…criminally accountable in some countries. They make her do their dirtywork for them…a human shield. I can forgive you, dear.

The modle of this tense, dangerous and stressful scenario is a chess game, with a bomb in the middle with the eof’s prisoner strapped to it. The eof doesn’t abide by any sort of rules of logic or humanity. Their nihilism excuses them from that. They don’t care if or when the bomb finally eplodes for her…and truly it seems inevitable as she runs out of money and is fighting again with the man taking advantage of her…the creepy blue buzzard who she admits on Jessica’s blog that she was tricked into marrying with the threat that if she didn’t, she would “never see him again.” Jessica, when you mentioned human trafficking, is this what you were talking about? “never see him again…” wow. See what we are dealing with? Dear, it’s not your fault!  I know she asked me to help keep the eof out of her life and I’m perpetually sorry I failed but this fight doesn’t end until she is safe at home again. How can she trust anyone but the person who wouldn’t abandon her at any cost? Now she knows that’s certainly not Jessica, Diego or the buzzard of Ely…instead it happens to be the one person she asked to be with her always in love, not convenience and that’s not a coincidence, it was her choice. It was never Diego or Jessica’s choice to make. To the core of her very humanity, how can their abuse of her be more sickening? I’m incredibly worried for her safety. I am expected to be as her fiance….spoiler alert…her and I never broke up. We still have never even said goodbye.

Melissa is encouraged to come home to forgiving and loving arms. When I was last in the room we shared five months after she left, it was immaculatly as she left it, exactly how we had it together. The expedits from Ikea neatly organized, our Christmas presents and art supplies waiting for her inspiration. Her auntie’s kitty quilt was still on the couch. Rabbit still in the corner exactly where she placed him…and all our movies waiting to watch together. It is perfectly a time capsule waiting to sooth her after this nightmare’s inevitable finish. In the blink of an eye all of this can be put into the past never to reawaken.

As a couple, they completely underestimated us…

In the end, this discussion is truly about having the courage to do the right thing and exhibiting an uncomprosing value for the person you love. Our relationship was never intended to be disposable, not a trophy for the evil Diego Fontanive who can only muster a relationship for “convenience”. We will never allow the eof to demand of her the end of our seperate but unbroken love. That is a tribute to her very humanity.

Perfect love is rare and not replaceable.  In America we have heroic traditions of running into the burning building to save our lady, of staying at her side when she is sick…of giving up your seat on the lifeboat for her…of relentlessly seeking her empowerment and freedom if she is sucked into a criminal cult in a dreadfully inhumane manner….Yes this could signal the desperate end for this broke and broken band of disillusionati.

Loved, lost, but not forgotten.


Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Please follow a very important blog and find the facebook page of Guru Ethics . Articles are compiled here that showcase the true dangers of cults, and their common thread of calculated manipulation that frequently causes spiritual, emotional and financial trauma. Anyone who is able, please help Melissa to know she is safe to come home. If you think she is allowed by the eof to read any of the words in this post, it is highly doubtful. She is ordered to just ignore the voice of loved ones at home who continually pray for her safety and freedom. This is an isolation technique they can easily assert now that they have her complete and undivided attention.

It was asked of Jessica and Diego to allow her to share her story in the broadcast and they showed typical cowardice in their silence.

Watch the film: “Living in Fear: a victim exposes the EOF”

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>>”Diego has it backwards!” >>A video clip from the March 6 live broadcast<<

>>A film Melissa and Steven made together<<

*Criminal consequences for being a cult leader in some countries…from above quotation: http://m.jpost.com/Israel-News/Politics-And-Diplomacy/Law-and-order-Cult-busting-bill-gets-ministerial-approval-444857#article=6020NjE3RDQzMTA5QzdBNEFFQkYwMjc4QUU4N0MyNjRDNjk=

Wanting so badly to finally be free to build a life and relationship with Steven, it is unclear if she realizes the lies, illusions and false promises were designed expressly to destroy our relationship and take her money. It is clear however that they will continue to do what they can to keep her in their emotional entrapment. Don’t expect Jessica or Diego to volunteer this confession. The greatest lie they still propagate is that it is too late for her to come home.


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Stay tuned for a third-live broadcast that promises to be spicy!


Melissa and I never fought. It takes two to fight. Coming soon I’ll address the slander and explain why I defend her even in her attempts to ruin my life and reputation on behalf of the eof who have an obvious conflict of interest.


A courageous cult fighter unmasked

A testimonial from my dear friend:

“Steven Sohlstrom is a diligent advocate for social change, empowerment, civil rights and justice. Since I’ve known Steve, he has tirelessly advocated for individuals as well as groups – for those who are voiceless and need to be heard.

Making hope a reality!” Katie N.


Katie knew the story and the depth of my character.

Taking things to the next level, will Jessica and Diego make any attempt at resolution? The perpetual question to this rediculousness is; “If they have full diplomatic empowerment to resolve this, why do they choose not to?” I don’t have any choice but to try to defend us, Jessica and Diego have every opportunity to end the defamation.  The smear campaign changes none of the truth or events that harmed us. The door to communication and resolution is always open, but her safety is always our top concern : stevensohlstrom@gmail.com
Among Steven’s numerous goals for improving the social condition in this country, is to lobby to make it easier to bring criminal charges against persons using unrefined public information to extort and defame a person with malicious intent. This is clearly the EOF’s strategy against me but it will never succeed. What does the price of tea in China have to do with justifying anyone’s exploitation? It’s unfortunate to have to reveal so much of what should be a private relationship, but the scale of the defamation requires it. We were an extraordinarily lovely and devoted couple. Everyone around us could say the same. To depict it any other way is a lie. Unfortunately Melissa is embroiled in the lie for obvious reasons; to protect the eof from our very damaging true story. So far, at least her full identity has been protected here (does the eof reveal her?) but this story is begining to get more attention and people want answers.

An obvious smear campaign to deflect the truth.

In Steven’s case, mugshots are used as an opportunity to grossly mischaracterize him with intent to defame. The reality is Steven’s fight reveals an extroardinary amount of courage and character in the face crushing emotional pressure. As a matter of fact, police reports and arrest records are not even worth the paper they are printed on if you are interested in both sides of the story. That’s what a trial is for, but trials are very expensive for the prosecution. In Stearn’s County they are notoriously very effective at persuading the plea bargain and avoiding trial. Police reports are written for maximum effect to make you look guilty and coax a plea if possible. Your voice is usually never heard if you plea out without a trial. Regardless, I took and received nearly the maximum sentence with my plea and received no trial. I found myself in actual jail for the first time specifically due to Melissa’s arrest…with that nightmare out of the way, I decided to excecute which IS NOT how the game is designed to be played. Jail is very expensive for the state and the reality is, they don’t want you taking up space…hence the strong pressure and phony charges to coerce you into a plea. “Hi my name is Steven and I’m no criminal, deal with it.”

What I did as a first-timer choosing to excecute a sentence is practically unheard of and took an incredible amount of balls…believe it or not, I did it precisely to regain my freedom and left jail a completely free man because , quite frankly, I’ve got too much to accomplish in my life to play the Stearns County game. Speaking of police reports, when Melissa stated that I assualted someone at Centracare…well, that was news to me also because it never happened. Sorry eof, I know that is an important part of your premise to make it plausible that I would ever in a million years do anything to hurt the woman I love and was trying so desperately to protect from the intense emotional abuse and lies you drove her crazy with. I have never been in a position or want to inflict any kind of physical attack ,or violence to anyone in my entire life… especially the woman who I clearly love and am still working dilligently to protect… She has claimed I assualted her even…and that never happened either….that is my number one proof that demonstrates their injurious emotional control of her in a “weaponized” state. I am never going to take their word for it that she is ok. I know her better than anyone, and she is clearly not OK.

The EOF charges were dismissed and the judge wrote that there was barely probable cause to begin with.

The case was dismissed and justice was served although apparently an illegal vendetta is still in the works by local police on behalf of a foreign criminals. Can you spell FBI investigation? This came more than a year after I had last seen her. This piece of paper was an extraordinary lie in itself and the state of Minnesota displayed complete negligence in furthering the exploitation of a cult victim. That’s a FACT.

It is theorized that the willingness of the state to maliciously prosecute a case based on false testimony resulted in further positive reinforcement within the cult and greatly extended Melissa’s costly exploitation.

Also, an active investigation compiling evidence for a civil defamation and libel suit targeting any and all individuals who contributed to or furthered the completely false narrative of the use of violence to any degree, to anyone at anytime by myself… and most agresiously a claim of sexual assault. These completely fictitious claims we’re available on line for years and led to a dangerous environment that not only fueled further defamation, it also contributed to Melissa’s lengthened exploitation. Sadly Melissa will be among the defendants.

A book detailing this entire event is the works. An updated fim is also obligatory in light of the ongoing clusterf*ck that defies all opportunities for resolution without further litigation.

Because the eof has made a point of this being a very public story, there are a few key points to make: The events they use to embarass me happened after the events depicted in the film, and not only that, but the terrible fates awaiting me were all directly tied to their attacks which furthered some very serious emotional trauma following what they initially did to us. I survived this without compromising or abandoning my support for Melissa’s condition. Most people’s reaction to knowing the true story show appreciation for what we’ve suffered through. I’m really not sure if I should be proud of my moxy or embarrassed because the eof works so hard to make me look silly. Either way, the truth will be told. I just pray for Melissa’s safe return.

If one needs examples of my life-long stance for non-violence, look to my leadership as a media artist. I resigned from a college comedy tv show that I was featured in as a writer and actor specifically because I thought it too violent. Look to my work in silent films where my character Jon Bug, I discovered, is really a glimpse into my own personality. See the end of my film “Shiver” that takes an ironic and compassionate twist.

Look forward to the EOF’s incredible expose of a handful of mugshots that they arranged personally for me… and the amazingly stinky and vile charges…..that lead to DISMISSED 🙂 Let’s see how creative the EOF can get with this epic fail.

Look at all of the overtime Jessica and Diego put into what they think is an effective smokescreen in their attempted coverup, instead of trying to patch the holes in their own sinking ship…in the end they are bound to lose Melissa anyway and then what will their greed and viciousness have earned them? Maybe for starters they could have simply offered her and I an appology. Goodbye EOF and good riddance.

If one is to buy into the EOF’s smear campaign, you also have to accept their backwards behavior and teachings. I need to add narcicism and encouraging suicide to this list. This is a significant reason I have so much fear for Melissa’s safety and encourage the Policia Lisboa / Policia Porto to investigate and perform a welfare check as Jessica and Diego refuse an independent verification of her freedom or safety.


Disclaimer: The preceding is the opinion of Steven Sohlstrom and written as objectively as the circumstances allow as he is directly embattled with the eof.

Reaction to Steve Andrews in the escape from a cult blog:

With all due respect to Melissa, who deserves the support of her family and loved ones effected by her absence in this moment, the role Steve Andrews played in Melissa’s exploitation cannot be ignored. If you understand the back story of Melissa and I put in simple terms, (and explained in the documentary “End of Fear”), the EOF Project intentionally and aggressively  destroyed a very special relationship in the  conquest of Melissa’s money and complete devotion. The process of finding her was way to Portugal was slow and methodical, and the issue directly concerning Steve Andrews was the “permanence” of her emotional exploitation. The emotional appearance that it was ” impossible” for her to go back was always a lie and a perfect “logical” tool for her continued exploitation. The tragic side of this is it kept us apart long enough for the “permanence” to take hold, and it is perfectly understandable that the victim under these circumstances would move on in life and be more or less oblivious to the fact that it was a very cruel manipulation. Nothing can be done about it now, hence “permanence”. Allowing us the time and space to come to terms with what happened to us is appropriate now more than ever. We both experienced very real emotional scars because of the EOF and the bottom line, it was NEITHER of our fault. It was my mission to love and forgive, and in contrast she was conditioned to hate and destroy. Night and day. It is understandably much harder for Melissa to work through this because I’ve experienced the horror of knowing it was “all about the cult” all along, and she is just beginning to examine and process it now, nearly 5 years later. I’m not yet convinced she’s yet free. She will possibly never be free thanks to Steve Andrews role in the EOF and the continuing process of making excuses and false justifications.

The intentional “permanence” was made possible in obvious stages. Stage one was that she needed to get back to the US because she had a plane ticket for Peru to use by late spring. When the plane ticket expired, she missed her opportunity to come home and escape the situation before greater exploitation could occur. The next and more obvious move was the visa wedding scheme. All of this happened within months of her leaving the US and is a critical element in terms of the duration and magnitude of the impact to her life. The ends don’t justify the means.

I know Melissa’s stance on lies of omission. Ignoring the “elephant in the room” damages Melissa’s credibility. Steve Andrews doesn’t even mention the visa wedding scheme. His main point seems to hypocritically paint Diego in the worst light possible (obviously from the cult playbook) and furthers the suspicion that they were all willing participants in this fiasco. (Which by the way, appeared utterly ridiculous to outsiders) I submit that Melissa might appear to have been a willing participant, but how willing are you if you have are being lied to, misled, and manipulated? If you see no obvious way out, or realize the urgency to get out while you can? The sin of Steve Andrews is that he in no way acted in Melissa’s best interest in taking advantage of her and effectively entrapping her in the situation which ultimately drained her of her life savings and far more. There are many people still grieving Melissa’s absence.

So what now? Obviously, there is sort of a misguided attempt at reclaiming a share of dignity and expressing anger and frustration….at losing some money. Is that really all? It’s a little point of irony that the one common denominator throughout this chaos and destruction of lives, careers, and  reputations has been Melissa. The omission of the emotional atrocity of how she ended up in Portugal undermines the credibility of the meaning of the words “escaping a cult”, and relegates it to benign criticism. Escaping a cult involves being all-in and not meerely one foot out the door.





The latest in efforts to exploit her: Bangkok Fillie: Part time “bf”, all in and all alone in the sex tourism capital of the world. The karma bubble is about to burst. Great time to have burned  bridges.

Chasing Rainfall


9/26 Melissa – stop with the sneaky sabotage….my media is to protect me…does it need to go back up?!? What are you trying to accomplish? YOU HAVE TO REPORT BACK AN ACTION PLAN OTHERWISE I’M GOING AHEAD WITH THE PLAN WE SPOKE OF….Read…

Hi Melissa,

I honestly am very sorry. I couldn’t avoid freaking out because we just can’t go back to square one. Trust me on this. We just need to have something that works. I am open to suggestions. If I am doing something wrong, just tell me. I’ll explain why this is not helpful for either of us…example number one- Diego’s attack. I’ll get back to this.

Maybe I misunderstood exactly what you meant. I thought you intended to back to our Mexican standoff. It’s very important that you know I see you as a very serious threat to me. That side of the story is extremely complicated and stressful. I just don’t want to go back to being forced to live in fear. That note abruptly ended my 5 week stretch of newfound happiness that all of this would soon be over.

If you hadn’t caught on..I follow rules for communicating to you. I try never to say mean things, to be supportive, to avoid the blame game, etc. I have very conflicted feelings that I suppress, but sometimes frustration boils over, and I am sorry. I am trying to address the side of you that is thoughtful, smart and nice. I know that you would prefer to be isolated right now and we were working in that direction, but we obviously encountered a stumbling block very specifically because of our resolution NOT to respond to the stolen videos.

I understand why you have reservations to stand by my very serious response. The blog I wrote was chemotherapy…very destructive…to the CULT. Melissa, I didn’t post that because that was the “friends” thing to do. I had every right to post that in spite of your objections because it is very true. Obviously that move was a display of faith and trust. If we don’t address the video, the alternative is that you quietly have my back. That explains the change in tone that my letter writing took….trying to culture enough trust to eventually talk about this. You are asking to have it both ways….Melissa we have to find a middle road.

Do you realize why my media is very loud in the first place? It is to expose them and hold them accountable…but also very strongly to protect me from YOU. If you are positioning yourself for more attacks…they have got to go back up. If Filipe is manipulating you to attack me…explain to that file person why that is not a very good idea.

I am very passionate about my life, story and purpose. We don’t live forever, after all. You have all day to do whatever you do. I work, so my time is very precious.  I have worked incredibly hard and dilligently to help shape a proper and truthful ending to our extremely ugly story. Yes, I know, this is not a story but our lives. Yes, you came home, and we finally sort of made our peace. That was part of the proper ending. Unfortunately it really didn’t turn out to be that cut and dried. I try to spare you of how I REALLY feel. That’s why I talk to you, because in finding that peace, there’s no need for all of those bitter words and feelings.

There’s another rule that I try to follow. In spite of my feelings I don’t threaten to throw you in the dark. You need to acknowledge if this is all about Diego’s destructiveness, he wins if we break…period. I am extremely passionate about what happened…righting the wrongs, seeking justice, exposing the corrupt, contrasting the best in people to the very worst… I really look forward to writing this book. If you knew my life, it would be obvious to you too why I should write it.

Melissa, we need to make a choice, address the stolen video, or continue our attempts to be diplomatic as this story winds down. I don’t have all of the answers, I just know that we can’t go back to fighting…because that image of us is a complete lie that was forced upon us….and I will never accept it. That would be tolerating abuse. Melissa…when we took our blogs down, it was obvious to Diego that we were coordinating and ended our fight. The videos appeared a few days later because he wanted us to start the fighting again…and reclaim his win. It is very obvious. He spent 5 years with the express mission of destroying us both. By us ending our fight we effectively cut off his dick. It’s really that simple.

Your healing is very important too. I caution you from allowing Felipe from having to much influence on you over this…until you figure out what he is really up to. I think I’ve written before that you have some responsibility to come clean to more people that I was the good guy throughout this and acknowledge that you have been absolved from your involvement in the cult smear campaign….to accept the narrative that you weren’t an accomplice. THE PURPOSE OF THIS is to reduce my risk of danger and  the minimization of the potential risk for you to be manipulated to attack me again. It should be a line that people are not able to cross…hold your ground. Maybe you don’t entirely agree with that, maybe that’s another need to work some things out. I hope you aren’t upset by my very strong dislike of Felipe. I am extremely uncomfortable that he is intentionally invading spaces that are within my circles. It was an extremely bad idea to bring that infection anywhere near here. Don’t allow him to break your heart. Just play it safe. Be warned he has expressed agreement to the concept of hitting a woman back. I am serious. That’s the depth of his cold arrogance and stupidity.I am sorry, but do you have any friends who are looking out for you like I am?  Please don’t blame me for feeling strongly against his behavior.

I am very very serious why I consider you a threat and you kind of missed the opportunity we had to talk about this. To reassure me against continued attacks. I don’t want to list why…that would be breaking the no blame game rule. But I will say that at least I always try to warn you before I take an action.

Every once in a while there is an uptick in EOF activity on my page, and there is reason to think that you are still coordinating with Jessica. I feel the person who stalked us from Bangkok should try to be identified for security reasons. Every time I see this activity it generally means something us up….especially when Deb checks in…so I often wonder what is happening behind the scenes. There has definitely been an uptick in the hunt for information specifically related to you. I haven’t checked the EOF page in a few weeks. He writes way to many blog posts and I am so busy as it is.

I am working 50 hours….I am so behind in my projects. I am super excited for hoversled and the additions and improvements.

I am sorry that I “inconvenience” you from time to time but the damages to my life have been measurably severe. This years the EOF probably cost me $3000 for missed work, the damage and delays to the Hoversled once projected out will probably be in the millions. I am not joking.

So, conclusion. We have to make a decision of what to do about the video. These are words that came from your mouth if you didn’t want anything to do with it, you shouldn’t have participated in the smear campaign in the first place. As I said, I want you to be absolved of blame but that requires that we agree on a plan. If you make the video disappear somehow, we don’t really have much to talk about until my book comes out and I want to have your blessing as to its content.

Dont try to shape this thing about “harrassment” when it has throughout been about diplomacy…and malicious libel is certainly the most insideous form of Harrsment….or attempt to silence.

Are you saying you need some space? If so, do you understand my dilema? The video has to be addressed or we have each other’s backs. I need to have your input. Can you understand?

We can’t go back to playing the “I don’t even know if you got the message” game. Some times my notes are blablabla…but also at times critically important. This post isn’t even password protected because I don’t know if you remember the password. Just another reason we can’t go back until we are free and clear of each other’s lives.

I am trying to be nice…but you are responsible for the content of that video.





March, 2016


Hi my name is Steven Sohlstrom and I writing this to address a group (identity of which is not known to me) that took interest in the ongoing saga between myself and the end of fear organization. Apparently, a debate was sparked by the film which I made to expose what Jessica and Diego did to Melissa and I. A healthy debate is always a good thing when arriving at an objective opinion when sorting out the truth. As a person with a journalism and news background, I both respect and encourage such debate. I am unaware of the identity of this group and blind to any ongoing discussion. I can be contacted directly. I stand behind the film I made.

Unfortunately, the rebuttal to my film is not a private apology by the eof, or acceptance of accountability, but a very public smear campaign. Going beyond that, lives are being hurt, reputations damaged, and finances obliterated in the continuing “puppetry” that continues to distract from an ever expanding crime of exploitation. My wish to the sympathisers of the EOF is to demand that it stop. My film is real, I stand behind it and I also stand against the continuing victimization of Melissa who will be fortunate if she even has enough money left to find her way back to the United States, or ever even to get word that she is still loved and supported back home. The most important factor is always Melissa’s safety.

In the midst of this, I am thankful for the great amount of empathy expressed for our story, as well as the public affirmation that the eof has a definite pattern in the human wreckage they leave behind. I know this from close insiders and even Jessica’s ex. However, I am also concerned that in many instances, the smear campaign deflects from the very simple fact that our story is real, and can never be excused by a campaign to “embarrass” the victims involved. Melissa and I were very greatly effected by the trauma of physical and emotional abuse that was imposed on us by Jessica and Diego. I have volunteered a lot of very personal and painful information which the public was never entitled to know. I have stated that the events which have harmed me not only happened well after the EOF assumed full and direct control of Melissa’s life, but that each instance was directly related to specific and vicious attacks that were made to deflect my efforts to empower her safe return. It has been a very ugly and costly battle. It has been fought in the name of unconditional love and human value.


The insidious accusations they made in an effort to silence me were completely dismissed in the court of law, and I emerged an advocate for victims of domestic abuse. My deliberate mischaracterization by the EOF is incredibly hypocritical and shameful in a world where victims of domestic violence are very real and the crime no laughing matter. It is very well known to everyone in our families that I was a victim of repeated and increasing domestic abuse. Melissa is forgiven unconditionally and is not to blame as the lies and secrets Jessica and Diego were force-feeding her weekly completely overwhelmed her emotionally. She could never explain to me what was happening to her because Jessica and Diego demanded secrecy. She was sucked into a myth that I can’t help but suspect they still trap her in today by anger and guilt…it is crucial that she understands she is not to blame. The very idea that it is impossible for her to come back is an easy sell…but that is a terrible and abusive lie. I still love you dear. I could not have possibly abandoned you knowing what I knew.

It might be an obvious mistep by the EOF that she is exploited in this regard as a weapon to deter the truth and it is a huge betrayal to Melissa on their behalf. If you are reading this you may be very well aware of her full identity. Jessica and Diego are notorious for giving the worst imaginable advice….they are not thinking of her, they are thinking of themselves and their pocketbooks.

One of the main contributors to the insanity to our story is the absence of dialogue between Melissa and I. For better or worse, that is a major contributor to how this story has continued. Information is power. You cannot control a person without control their freedom to communicate. That’s brainwashing 101. There are a lot of theories that might explain how/why this has occurred, but they simply aren’t answerable until Melissa and I eventually communicate. There is a game at foot that the EOF can simply manipulate Melissa to refute our story. (Ironically because of this one way flow of lies from multiple sources, Melissa couldn’t possibly even know that she is reinforcing a completely  false narrative and her own disempowerment. She has become the “pawn of choice” in many different occasions and it is demeaning.  I’m not even certain if this trauma has become real in her mind or no or weather it will leave an insurmountable scar. To the public who are rightly incensed by the ugly truth that our abuse was motivated mostly by greed, there will never be justification for how she was taken advantage of or how my life was harmed in the process. The only way to rebuild as victims is to bravely tell or story and LOUDLY at that! There are others that may wonder whether or not she has ever been released from their emotional control. Content in her life at the moment or not, it doesn’t justify her exploitation, and the script may quickly flip when she suddenly runs out of money or becomes aware and conscious of their deliberate betrayal. (Update: This prediction proved quite accurate in 2/2018) This story may be far from over but hopefully she comes home soon.

For those of you who appreciate the love story and the show of undaunted support of Melissa, particularly in the situation of being unable to assess her safety, and all of the sacrifice involved, a true hero has emerged as a result of their ugly and sophomoric attacks. Sorry if that hurts a little Diego, but heroes are born of action, the choices they make, and the sacrifice and persecution they endure without compromise. She told me that “I was her Jack”…and that proved an accurate prediction as  well but I would have preferred the  Icy Atlantic over what I ended up facing….I never invited Diego to be a part of my life story. Melissa could have warned him that he was dealing with a very principled, accomplished, and tenacious person. She certainly tried very hard to warn him that we were unbreakably in love and he refused to respect that. As stated in the film…it became about submission. They became relentless. She could have also warned him that we both agreed that there was something very uncommon and serendipitous about our love. We were a perfect pairing in every way we could think of…perfect balance…selfless and complete in our commitment to one another. A perfectly reinforcing relationship with little to no disagreement for what we wanted together for out futures. We never bored of one another’s company and there was never mistrust of insecurity…(at least before the EOF became the “third partner”  in the relationship as  she warned me of that potential problem) We laughed and held each other continually. We each gave continually and wholeheartedly to one another and we understood one another. The lies and the myths the eof still use to string her along to her doom could never possibly change that.

Melissa has done so much damage to the EOF by promoting our story I am apt to be quiet and just let her do her thing. Maybe it is her revenge for what they have done.  …well dear, empower yourself but be careful. Take any opportunity you can to get away. Don’t fall into the hands of other predators who may be waiting to take advantage of you again. Don’t play yourself as a victim. Be proud and strong if you can say you are a survivor.

I can’t help but have confidence in the public’s ability to spot a clear motive by the eof to bury the truth and twist a trail of deception until there becomes an end to her usefulness. I appeal to the public sensibility to help everyone find a satisfactory resolution with the respect for Melissa’s well being and safety. I encourage the public to not tolerate her further abuse and give her unconditional support and encouragement to come home. Do not buy into the charade. Ask questions, demand answers…and the truth.

How do we move forward? That was only ever for Melissa and Steven to decide together. Not Jessica and Diego.

Steven Sohlstrom

(Mielcita – si eso leas, llamame tan pronto como possible 8/17/17)

The great lie that our relationship was abusive was ever only a hipocritical outrage.

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     I hoped that the combination of heavy rain and a break in the clouds would result in an incredible rainbow today so I scrambled the airplane to Whitney Field. Unfortunately, the rainbow never materialized. The weather turned hot, muggy and hazy today, and later, I spent an hour of flying at the amazing Boomerville Lodge.

A special thanks to everyone who came to Paper Collector Gallery for the Sizzling Summer Art Crawl, The St.Cloud Times, Star Tribune, and the new businesses and people supporting the effort to make aerial photography more affordable and accessible in Minnesota.


Approaching Storm Over St.Cloud

As seen on www.WJON.com. The sky was an intriguing blend of calm air and sunshine on the East side of this small approaching storm today, so I knew it would be a great opportunity to send the plane up hoping to catch a new aerial weather image. Although expecting turbulent downdrafts at any moment to bring my flight to an end, suprisingly, I was able to continue flying in relatively calm skies until only moments before the storm arrived. (North Jr. High is in the center-left foreground)

Yes, I fight crime and fly.Why doesn’t Steven more readily go on the defensive to address some of the defamation more aggressively? If you follow the dynamics of the story, compare it to a surgeon trying to remove a tumor from a human heart. She is being used as a weapon and human shield. Steven is doing his best to defend Melissa and build her self esteem and empowerment in the midst of these extraordinary circumstances. I wouldn’t be speaking about any of our private business if the eof hadn’t made the public attacks. The violence issue is not a he said-she said at all. There is plenty of video evidence to prove it. I documented it for my own legal protection. Revealing some of the what I’m hiding to protect her (including her identity) would be utterly devestating to her. Basicly, she’d experience what the eof has done to me which I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Keep in mind, she is also a victim and not to blame.

It takes two to fight. Even when we were together when things suddenly became highly unusual after months of harmony, I refused to fight with her. Not even her parents could understand what was wrong. It’s not like she was able to openly express it to me. We never had anything to fight about that was evident to me, the conflict stemmed from her secret world with Jessica and Diego where their predatory opportunity was very easy to see. Is she free now? Think about it. Their motives are plainly on the table.

This is where it is so blatently clear that Jessica has no concern for Melissa’s well being because she feels that assigning blame to someone other than herself gets her off the hook. I hope this abuse of Melissa is as plain for the public to see. As stated in the film they were relentless about this, even though neither of us were to blame for anything…and they knew I was safeguarding Melissa’s well being at her own direction. Jessica’s promise for the $2,500 was to heal her, not create a festering scar of selfish opportunism.

Now, with the truth coming out, Jessica is toast…and I would suggest not being within arm’s reach of Melissa WHEN she figures everything out. I think we both agree that she is a very intelligent woman. That is the point of her isolaton and control isn’t it: to prevent her from finding knowlege beyind the lies, making an informed decision, and from having a healthy self esteem? That was the point of the lies to scare her, that I’m alcoholic for instance (honey, you’re not gonna like this one, I’m not an alcoholic any more than you would be)

Now the last thing Jessica wants Melissa to discover is that she and Diego, not Steven are responsible for possibly the greatest heartbreak in her life, all of the tears and anguish, (the motive : more than just money) and the last thing she’ll ever want is for her to know Steven was waiting faithfully for her to come back home all of this time (why else would she be encouraged not to read the emails?)….even the court and the State of Minnesota gave us that unlikely miracle, the second chance that we were still free to be together. That just doesn’t happen every day. Serendipity as we already claimed together. “Meant to be” was what one of my counsellors said that was helping me process the destruction that the eof inflicted on me personally. Noble and heroic others have said. It is an extremely delicate situation and the object is to help Melissa make it back home safe. Im doing the very minimum I can. I’m only telling the truth.

I’m sure it is clear that I fight this with practically both arms tied behind my back. I am even giving a pass to Melissa for now if she could have done something to prevent all of this (such as communication). It is almost like this is a game for them. I am intimidated to even go to the police to make a report of the eof’s ongoing crimes, and even a formal complaint against the officer who arrested me. The complaint could amount to a criminal charge on eof for witness (victim) intimidation, on top of making false statements to police (a felony) and using the legal system for a private vendetta. Those are just the criminal charges. They are open to be all-but fillet’d in civil court for the character assasination which is as plentiful as a rotten buffet, and they are very mistaken if they think what they are doing is legal…just pretend I didn’t try to warn you Diego. I’ve never imagined a more stupid and deluded group of people and in a phrase that I learned from Melissa, are really drinking a little too much of their own cool-aid. How apropos when speaking of a cult.

It isn’t Valentine’s Day anymore, and the next broadcast should be very interesting.

Ice Study

This flight was conducted today to study the freeze patterns of the Mississippi River in St.Cloud. Unfortunately conditions were very difficult for flight and photo options were limited. At 30 Minutes before nightfall, the flight was brief in 25mph winds gusting to 30mph from the NW. It was 19 degrees F and snowing. Note the open water to the North below the Sauk Rapids and directly South of the train bridge. 

Check this link for Flight Flash photos of the spring thaw last March. >>> https://flightflash.com/2010/03 <<<


Nous sommes Charlie
The End of End of Fear Project #Standfortruthfightforlove
#End of fools project

“This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly. Nor need we shrink from honestly facing conditions in our country today. This great Nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory.”
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

From Unicorns And Aliens To Mental Health Counseling: A Convenience Couple’s Journey Of Self Manipulation

Which ethical boundary did they cross when Jessica and Diego came into your life, or were they only after your money with their inept criminal scam?

Continue reading From Unicorns And Aliens To Mental Health Counseling: A Convenience Couple’s Journey Of Self Manipulation